Strawberry Shortcake

Season 2 Episode 24

Piece Of Cake

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on CBS
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At the urging of Honey Pie, Strawberry & friends decide to put on a cooking show. Ginger Snap invents a version of TV she calls Berryvision to broadcast the show all over Strawberryland. Shy little Orange Blossom doesn’t want to appear on camera – instead, she helps Ginger Snap 'behind the scenes'. Each of the other girls - Strawberry, Angel Cake, and Blueberry Muffin - demonstrates a recipe in turn. But when the finished dishes are inadvertently ruined, each blames the other for the fiasco. The girls leave the show, angry at one another...leaving camera-shy Orange Blossom to run the rest of it. Later at home, the others see their timid friend on Berryvision doing her best to keep the show going. Feeling badly for her, they return to the show to make one last joyful recipe together.moreless

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  • This is a berry special episode. It is the best episode. It teaches good recipes, it's kinda comedy and it is losta fun. I really like this episode. I think it's a really special episode.moreless

    I really like this episode. At first when Strawberry Shortcake and her friends are on a picnic, Honey Pie Pony gives an idea to start their own Cooking Show. So, each one gets a recipe but expect for shy little Orange Blossom. Ginger Snap gets the role of the camera by Berryvision. Angel Cake, Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin shows to do their recipes. After each girl finish, they want to get their desert that they did infront of the camera. Blueberry's Ice Cream Pie is melted. Angel Cake's Brownies are eaten. Strawberry Shortcake's pops fell and they're ruiend. While Blueberry Muffin walks she trips and everything is ruiend. They all get mad and leave. They turn on the TV then they find their friend Orange Blossom on TV. By saying that Ginger Snap always says: The Show Must Go On! So, she's going to make the show on. Honey pie gives her the idea to do her Cupcones, but she can't beacuse there's no ingredients. Then Strawberry and her friends come and give her the ingrdients and the show was on.moreless
  • To quote King Moonraiser: "Not a bad episode, just not very GOOD."

    Two consecutive instructional videos. Honey Pie, who's been dormant for a short while now, becomes the second to re-emerge when she joins a picnic. Wow, look at her eat that pie up. By now, Blueberry Muffin has regained her popular minor role from the story books I once thought she lost. What comes next? How's about put on a cooking show? The idea blasts off amongst all except camera-shy Orange Blossom.

    Blueberry Muffin's house makes the ideal place to shoot. Said house owner has the perfect stage and perfect space for Ginger Snap to unveil an invention called Berryvision (hey, watch where you brush stuff off). Everybody's rearing up, especially a nitpicky Angel Cake. "It's gonna be seen by millions and billions and trillions! Maybe even hundreds!" Ha ha ha!! Ginger Snap's got her numbers confused again. And just when I think Huckleberry Pie won't put in a major appearance, further watching proves me wrong. Blueberry Muffin starts off with an ice cream pie; Angel Cake follows up via fudge squares; and Strawberry Shortcake's cookie pops conclude it.

    Next comes a disaster where said dishes get ruined. Strawberry Shortcake ruins Angel Cake's, and Angel Cake ruins both the other two. The way Blueberry Muffin trips over a loose floorboard only furthers all participants' (aside from audience) frustration, and they leave Orange Blossom to pick up. They sure cleaned themselves up and so forth in a flash. Such a mess precedes the camera-shy girl's cupcake cones which she revealed only to Honey Pie earlier and a song about making treats and friends, during which the friendship cake from The Great Friendship Festival cameos.

    I don't believe anything produced thus far is bad, rather that some are more successful than others. Such is certainly the case here. No wonder Angel Cake is so excited that she butts in a few times: She has the shortest screen time. Okay, maybe that's just PART of the reason. Don't see why the kids should depend on store-bought stuff since they can just make certain items themselves or pick them up for free. Strawberryland DOES have interesting flora and landforms. But here are my two greatest issues:

    (A) When I first read the description, I hoped this one would've centered around Orange Blossom. But I declare, even if the shy one did solve the problem, Legend Of The Lost Treasure was a lot kinder to Seaberry Delight. Some day, some day...

    (B) Need the producers make that kind of sacrifices? I know they wanted to give Orange Blossom a big break, but still. Huckleberry Pie was totally unlike himself. Rather than help his friends in their time of need, he only sat on his duff laughing at his friends' malady saying, "This is turning out to be a pretty good show". It's official: He's snapped...then again, the others have laughed at HIS blunders before...or maybe there's a difference between...between...ah, forget it.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The DVD-only scenes starts at night, and ends when the sun is bright, implying that Strawberry spent the whole night telling stories without sleep.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Ginger Snap: (about Berryvision) This is gonna be great! It's gonna be seen by millions and billions and trillions of people! Maybe even hundreds!

    • Strawberry Shortcake, Ginger Snap, Orange Blossom, Angel Cake, and Blueberry Muffin: Makin' treats is sorta like making friends
      Take some sugar and spice and everything nice
      And taste the way that it blends

      Measure in some lovin' spoonfuls
      Stir 'em in a bowl
      One part patience
      Two parts kindness
      And you'll make the perfect whole

      The right ingredients, the right ingredients
      If you've got 'em, you'll make friends
      With superspeed-ients
      The right ingredients, the right ingredients
      For a friendship that'll last your whole life long

      Makin' friends is sorta like singin' a song
      You try to learn the notes and sing 'em in tune
      But sometimes you get it wrong

      But if you listen to the music that's playin' in your heart
      One melody
      Add harmony
      You can make a brand new start

      The right ingredients, the right ingredients
      Just one taste and you will smile
      With "yes, indeed"-ients
      The right ingredients, the right ingredients
      For a friendship that'll last your whole life long

      The right ingredients, the right ingredients
      They combine to give you all
      You'll ever need-ients
      The right ingredients, the right ingredients
      For a friendship that'll last
      For a friendship that'll last
      So make a friendship that'll last your whole life long

    • Ginger Snap: I'll give direction
      To this confection
      I'll stage the show, I'll show the stage, and stage perfection
      And my patented Berryvision will help me make a name
      That'll be the recipe for fame

      Angel Cake: My sweet creation
      Will sweep the nation
      The world will judge my favorite fudge a taste sensation
      And my fabulous treat will neatly put all other treats to shame
      That'll be my recipe for fame

      Ginger Snap: Our adoring fans will scream
      As they lap up our ice cream

      Strawberry Shortcake: And the flashbulbs will go pop
      For each goody-good gumdrop

      Angel Cake: And the autograph hounds will sign
      For Blueberry's ice cream pie

      Strawberry Shortcake: As the frenzy never stops
      For my legendary cookie pops

      All: We'll go fine dining, interviews declining
      We'll have some laughs while autographs we're happily signing
      'Cause when they see what we got cooking, our lives won't be the same
      That'll be our recipe for fame

      And fame will be as yummy as can be
      Especially when it's all about

      Ginger Snap: Me
      Angel Cake: Me
      Ginger Snap: Me
      Strawberry Shortcake: Me
      All: Me

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