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  • Perfect!

    I loved this show so much when I was little. My mom ended up getting tapes of it somehow and also some old style record albums and I would listen to it all the time. Dad transferred it to tapes and we would listen to it in the car, I am sure now it must have drived them crazy driving around on long trips when I am listening to the Strawberry Shortcake theme lol! It was a great show and if I ever have a little girl I will be sure to have it for her to fall in love with too. My #1 fave cartoon of all time. I still have the dolls!
  • A rare kind of gem that's sweet and wholesome.

    I had trouble deciding whether to give this show a score in the 8s or a score in the 9s. On the surface it appears to be little more than your average girl cartoon with silly songs like My Little Pony or the original 80s version that came before it. However, there's an underlying charm and attention to love in this show that will melt the hearts of the right kind of people. Not only are the character designs lovable and brilliant, but the writing for a lot of the episodes is fantastic. It keeps an eye for the target audience while keeping enough of a well rounded appeal to attract even grown up fans. To put it bluntly, this is less like Dora the Explorer and more like Arthur.

    Those who study the episodes closely will notice not only the purposefully innocent design of the characters but the way that they all seem like real kids and not stereotypes. A not just kids you'd find in your neighborhood. Kids from around the world. This show celebrates diversity and friendship. You will notice that every character has his or her own quirks and faults and will grow to love each and every one of them with every return appearance. Even one shot minor characters have their charm. And as can be seen several episodes, especially the one about the friendship festival, even Strawberry herself isn't immune to faults. It's this deliberate well roundedness that makes this a fantastic show.

    You probably know that the show, and I'm speaking about the 2003 version, has an educational value in the form of lessons. However many shows of this nature seem forced and pandering, preaching the morals or the educational content simply just for the sake of education. Many of the episodes in this show deal with one particular character that needs to learn a lesson and applies that lesson in such a way that it remains valid to real life. Other episodes aren't so lesson heavy but are what I call "growth" episodes, in which a character or several characters are allowed to display their personalities to the fullest. It's this character-centric style of writing that separates this show from many other educational and especially girl cartoons. When I saw the episodes in World of Friends, especially the one about the friendship festival, in which Strawberry learns that friends like different things and have different tastes, I knew there was something magical working beneath the surface. Then I saw the episodes in Seaberry Beach Party, especially the one that deals with the thorny topic of greed, and I knew this was strong stuff.

    A lot of people complain about the later episodes, especially the 2008 ones where they changed the look of the characters and made them seem older. My complaint with those episodes is that some of the writing seems to have gotten generic. However, some of the episodes still have that spark, and on the whole, this is still that great wholesome show we've come to love since the beginning.
  • Strawberry Shaortcake is an American Greetings character from 1979. She premeire in a TV special named The World of Strawberry Shortcake in 1980 and in 1986 AG recess her. In 2002 after the sucess on Care Bears come back, she came back sucessfully.

    Strawberry Shortcake really needs an full overhaul. After the sucessfull comback in 2003, the episodes bases on the Playmate's toy line are really a mess. The older Bratz look, removed inocence. Many fans from all ages and genders dislike her look. Personally I like the 80's original look and the earlier 2003 look. I hope the new AG look for Strawberry return freshness to the character. And another thing is the posible sale to Cookie Jar. I do not think that is a good move, because if you look the history of Cinar/Cookie Jar, they do not have an sucessfull characters like Strawberry Shorcake, the Care Bears or even Sushi Pack. If American Greetings needs to sell, look for another, like Nelvana or Universal, for mention some examples.
  • Not your average show

    When I first watched this show, I thought of it as "girly" (one episode seems to drop this for a moment) but when I saw another episode, It changed my mind about the show itself. This is not your average kiddie show at all. The characters are interesting and the plots were written good although few episodes borrow some ideas from other shows, Its still a good show overall. The animation is good , the plots were interesting, characters are funny and not that complex to understand (at least strawberry isn't that clueless anymore, not like the old series). I think its a good thing that they added a villain to the series but they really should avoid making the show a teen-bopper like some other show that I used to watch *cough*rugrats*cough*.
  • "Strawberry Shortcake" can be a great show, but it's one that's suffering a massive identity crisis. Everything from the basic look of the series, to the characters used, to the nature of the world of Strawberryland seems to be open to change...

    What is "Strawberry Shortcake?" Is it a cute show for kids in which a nice girl named Strawberry goes on adventures with her cat, dog, and cute little sister throughout Strawberryland? Is it about Strawberry Shortcake and her friends foiling the sinister plots of the Pompous Purple Pie Dude of Porpoise Point? (Or whatever his name is.) Is it a program about a group of teeny-boppers who drive cars and travel to new lands? If you're just as confused as I am, then welcome to the new "Strawberry Shortcake," a world in which the basic premise of the program seems to be increasingly up for grabs.

    I first found out about the new "Strawberry Shortcake," (I won't be focusing on the old one here, as I haven't seen much of it.) oh, maybe sometime around the middle of the "first season" of the new version series, as such. I was immediately attracted by the colorful and eye-catching quality of the animation, cute characters, and the generally fun stories and songs. I quickly established some favorite characters, including Strawberry Shortcake's baby (little?) sister, Apple Dumplin', her two pets Custard and Pupcake, as well as the horse Honey Pie Pony. I generally tried to watch all the new videos/DVDs and listen to the music albums as they became available.

    But... something is happening to the series. It's always seemed a bit like this, but lately it's more so. The show no longer seems to be sure what it wants to be. First, the Purple Pieman shows up. I can live with this -- I'm not totally against villains, and his sidekick sister also seems to add some comic relief. But now Apple Dumplin' seems to be all but gone (where the heck is she? -- she's your *sister*, Strawberry!), and the horses and pets really aren't being given much at all to do. They've also completely revamped the look of the characters. I actually like some of them, but others I would definitely prefer the younger, cuter versions.

    Of course, change isn't always bad. Sometimes, change can lead to big improvements. I have enjoyed some of the chapter books, and the "World of Friends" special wasn't awful. The merchandise -- it's scattershot, though a lot of it is good. But it seems to me like they're juggling stuff around in an attempt to keep the series fresh when they already had a cast of great characters. I say return the series to its roots and spin-off Apple Dumplin' into her own show as well. I'd pay to watch the Apple Dumplin' and Friends hour.

    Note: The 8.0 rating is a weighted average for the series as a whole. I'd probably rate the stuff they're currently putting out closer to a 6.5-7.0, dipping down to a 5.0 at its very worst.
  • Second cut is the sweetest.

    *RAMChYLD is listening to [ Andy Street - That's Imagination ] - on repeat track mode.

    Ah, Strawberry Shortcake. I don't know where to start with the show. When I sampled the 1980's "World of Strawberry Shortcake" special some 3 years ago, it left a bitter taste in my mouth. I didn't like it for it's inane storyline and the villain - the Purple Pie-Man. However, last year, I decided to try giving the new series a chance. Needless to say, I got instantly hooked. Meet Strawberry Shortcake was very, very good, and I forgiven the inaneness of the old specials (since this was nothing like those old specials) was immediately hooked.

    The behavior of the characters took some time to grow on me, and I totally enjoyed all of the stories except for "The Festival of the Fillies". I liked the voices. However, the thing I liked most about the show is the music. I am not ashamed to admit that I have bought all of the show's Soundtrack CDs (except the movie one) and listen to them pretty much everyday. The songs were written by Andy Street, who wrote much of the music on another show I like and used to edit for (until TVTome became and did not honor their promise of retaining the editors for the guide, and thus I lost my guide. Good thing it was Agent0042, someone I really trust, who ended up with the guide).

    However, I'm having second thoughts about watching the movie. I don't care what people say, I don't want villains reintroduced into the show (why I hated "A Festival of Fillies"). I also don't like the Pie-Man. He just doesn't belong. I hope he just doesn't come back after the movie.

    In closing, I may be a guy, but I'm also not ashamed to admit that I'm Strawberry's #1 fan.
  • I never saw anything like it.

    "And once you get to meet her, you'll love her berry much." I declare, I fell in love with the talented cutie ever since I laid eyes on her. Most television shows I'd previously seen by the time 2003 rolled around never shed such hefty light on female characters. Many were usually seen as pitiful weaklings, complete dimwits, or simply cardboard. Strawberry Shortcake nicely fixes these inconsistencies. First of all, this is one of the best drawn animated cartoons in the world. Second, this isn't some lame female-dominated production where majority of characters are concerned about their outer appearances (see Bratz and Barbie). They don't wear heavy makeup or otherwise crudely adorn themselves; not even the slightest piercings. Third, they don't dress strangely: No, these kids follow one STRICT dress code. And fourth, chauvinism is virtually absent. (Although in a whisper, some conventions have been violated time and time over.)

    Strawberry Shortcake in short is a gift to a stillborn world of television. Unlike other people, I don't think (mostly) animated shows have "lost" something from early days which they never exhibited to begin with but are only worsening in later generations. Dic Entertainment and Fox especially must've done something right this time: I've long since rejected their other shows I used to watch, but this one has drawn out something inside me where past stuff failed miserably. And did I mention the wonderful musical numbers included?

    (My episode reviews go out only to the 2003 series since I'm pretty much unfamiliar with that of 1980, but I know the former will be a classic like its predecessor in years to come. Also, reviews of early episodes may lead up to later contradictions since I'm basing them on thoughts going through my head mainly during the first viewing.)
  • She is so cool i love her

    my cuzin told me that she loves strawbaerry and i said hmmm maybe i should see that show and oh my god it was so awsome now i have her pictures of her in my room oh and i have winnie the pooh he is so adorable.oh and i like care bears
  • Many girls know who the NEW Strawberry Shortcake is but I remember the OLD Strawberry Shortcake!

    Growing up in the 80's was fantastic as far as kids shows. Strawberry Shortcake was by far one of my favorites.
    How can you resist a show with characters that sound so delicious? Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin, Ginger Snap, Apple Dumplin, Orange Blossom, Peppermint Fizz, Angel Cake, Apricot, and a yummy canine, Pupcake.
    I don't remember much about the storylines but I do remember the "bad" guy, the Peculiar Purple Pieman from Porcupine Peak! My dad used to impersonate him all the time. He and I can still say his famous line: "I'm the Peculiar Purple Pieman from Porcupine Peak, ya ta ta ta ya ta ta ya ta ta cha!" I said that to the girls in my class who love Strawberry Shortcake and they looked at me like I was crazy. I can't believe the new Strawberry Shortcake doesn't have him! These kids are missing out!
    I haven't seen the new Strawberry stuff out, but nothing will ever be as good as the original. I have my Strawberry Shortcake doll and it still smells like strawberries.
    I am hoping the ORIGINAL Strawberry episodes will come out on DVD (I don't think the ones out now are actually the original, are they?).
    Long live Strawberry!