Strawberry Shortcake - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • The Great Friendship Festival
    Friends from all over the world -- the Antarctic, France, the Amazon Rainforest, China -- descend on Strawberry Land to take part in the first Great Friendship Festival. Although Strawberry thinks the festival will provide a wonderful opportunity to see the world through different eyes, she also believes that in spite of their differences most of the kids will be the same and like the same things; she and her new pal Tea Blossom learn an important lesson about the meaning of friendship.moreless
  • Dancin' In Disguise
    Dancin' In Disguise
    Episode 30
    Strawberry & her friends love to dance, and Purple Pie Man decides to take advantage of it by having Sour Grapes open a phony dance studio. She poses as a famous teacher to distract the kids while he plunders the berry crops. But things don't go as planned when Sour Grapes, much to Pie Man's chagrin, begins to enjoy teaching the children and can't bring herself to betray them.moreless
  • Meet Apricot
    Meet Apricot
    Episode 29
    The first day of winter is the right time to go ice-skating on the nearest pond. There, Strawberry and friends meet a new girl named Apricot, who makes up stories to impress everyone. But her lies won't last forever; she must learn honesty.
  • Let's Dance
    Episode 28
  • Everybody Dance
    Episode 27
  • Queen For A Day
    Queen For A Day
    Episode 26
    The Berry Blossom Festival is now in full force, and Stawberry Shortcake is to be crowned queen of the festival. However, the villains The Purple Pie-Man of Porcupine Peak and Sour Grapes intervene, and through trickery and cheating, managed to snatch the crown from Strawberry Shortcake! Is Strawberryland as we know it doomed?moreless
  • Mind Your Manners
    Mind Your Manners
    Episode 25
    Strawberry Shortcake and Co. decide to hold the Berry Blossom Festival, and with it a tea party. However, Raspberry Torte is showing no manners at all during the party rehearsal and refuses to learn manners! Will she ever realize that manners matters?
  • Piece Of Cake
    Episode 24
    At the urging of Honey Pie, Strawberry & friends decide to put on a cooking show. Ginger Snap invents a version of TV she calls Berryvision to broadcast the show all over Strawberryland. Shy little Orange Blossom doesn’t want to appear on camera – instead, she helps Ginger Snap 'behind the scenes'. Each of the other girls - Strawberry, Angel Cake, and Blueberry Muffin - demonstrates a recipe in turn. But when the finished dishes are inadvertently ruined, each blames the other for the fiasco. The girls leave the show, angry at one another...leaving camera-shy Orange Blossom to run the rest of it. Later at home, the others see their timid friend on Berryvision doing her best to keep the show going. Feeling badly for her, they return to the show to make one last joyful recipe together.moreless
  • Sweet Dreams
    Sweet Dreams
    Episode 23
    Strawberry Shortcake has a dream of fresh new fields of berry bushes - enough for everyone. But when the greedy Peculiar Purple Pieman rolls into Strawberryland, he decides to steal Strawberry's dream - and everyone else's dreams too. In order to stop the Purple Pieman and his evil plan, Strawberry and her friends must travel to the Land of Dreams. Along the way, these special friends learn the value of working together to make dreams come true.moreless
  • Baby Takes The Cake
    Baby Takes The Cake
    Episode 22
    Apple Dumplin’ wants to help Strawberry & her friends with baking, but Dumplin’s just too little to be much help. In fact, she ends up making a pretty big mess of things. Strawberry’s friends think Dumplin’ is too much of a baby – maybe she should just lay down for a nap? Her feelings hurt, Apple Dumplin’ does lay down and promptly falls asleep. She dreams that she’s bigger and Strawberry and her friends are now the little babies! Apple Dumplin’ is in charge now! But the babies turn out to be quite a handful, and Dumplin’ quickly learns a lesson about taking on big responsibilities.moreless
  • The Legend Of Sherry Bobbleberry
    The fun begins when Sherry Bobbleberry blows in Strawberry's window. Sherry feels she can't do anything right but finally succeeds in becoming a Fairy Princess First Class.
  • When The Berry Fairy Came To Stay
    When Strawberry discovers a fairy in her garden, the fairy tries to take advantage of Strawberry's kindness but comes to realize that true friendship means treating others as kindly as they treat you.
  • Festival of Friends
    Festival of Friends
    Episode 19
  • The Friendship Club
    The Friendship Club
    Episode 18
  • The Costume Party
    The Costume Party
    Episode 17
    Things don’t go well when Peppermint Fizz meets Rainbow Sherbet for the first time. Peppermint decides that Rainbow can’t be her friend because she looks and acts too differently. But Strawberry knows that Peppermint would like Rainbow Sherbet if she learned to accept her differences. To teach Peppermint Fizz a lesson, she gets all the other kids to help her play a prank at an upcoming costume party.moreless
  • The Play's the Thing
    A sudden rainstorm forces Strawberry to postpone the garden party that she was playing. Blueberry Muffin suggests a new plan for the day: dressing up in costumes to perform “Strawberryella.” Strawberry wants to use old rain coat she loves for her costume, but she’s worried about what her friends will say about it. It’s not long before she realizes that how she wears her costume matters more than what it looks like.moreless
  • The Blueberry Beast
    The Blueberry Beast
    Episode 15
    Something strange is lurking in Strawberry Land and has all the kids worried.
  • Ginger Snap's No-Light Night of Fright
    Everyone but Ginger Snap is excited about an upcoming overnight campout. Poor Ginger Snap doesn’t know how to tell them that she’s afraid of the dark.
  • Win Some, Lose Some
    Win Some, Lose Some
    Episode 13
    The prize of Very Nearly Once a Yearly Strawberry Land Games is a beautiful garden that was cultivated by Strawberry Shortcake. A frustrated Peppermint Fizz wants to win this garden to replace the one she ruined (although she blames the dirt for her failure). While the other kids do their best in the various events, Peppermint Fizz uses every opportunity to cheat. Somehow, she needs to learn that how you play the game is more important than winning.moreless
  • Angel Cake in the Outfield
    Angel Cake feels that she has to be good at everything. Unfortunately, she’s not as good at sports as she is at baking, which makes her really upset. Strawberry Shortcake and Apple Dumplin’ try to teach her that being as good as the other kids is not the point of the game. What matters most is that Angel Cake has fun with her friends.moreless
  • Legend of the Lost Treasure
    Strawberry and her friends from the previous adventure dream up a wonderful fantasy. In it, they are mermaids searching for a legendary lost treasure of golden sand dollars. Soon Rainbow Sherbert and Blueberry Muffin's greed grows so strong that they want to find the treasure no matter the danger. What they don't realize is that a Sea Beast protects the treasure – one who wants all the gold for herself!moreless
  • 2/15/05
    Someone has stolen all of the seaberries that grow on Seaberry Beach. This devastates Coco Calypso, who harvests the yummy berries with the help of her monkey friends and pet parrot. Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Sherbert, and Blueberry Muffin decide to help Coco track down the berry thief. Solving this mystery leads these four friends to an unexpected discovery about where the seaberries came from.moreless
  • Best Dress up Day
    Best Dress up Day
    Episode 9
    Strawberry is made to feel self-conscious about an old, patched-together rain coat that she has. When the kids put on a play version of Cinderella, Strawberry and the others are able to see that it's not what you wear that counts, but what you are.
  • Peppermint's Pet Peeve
    A pet show is being held in Strawberryland, and each child is determined to enter their pets in the competition. But no one is more eager to win than Peppermint Fizz. The sneaky girl cheats so that her pet Cola Chameleon will win the show. Peppermint must learn that winning is not everything – Fortunately, she has Strawberry Shortcake and the other kids to teach her this important lesson.moreless
  • Here Comes Pupcake
    Here Comes Pupcake
    Episode 7
    Ever wonder how Strawberry Shortcake became the owner of Pupcake? In this episode, we see little Miss Strawberry adopt the small lost canine as her own. This new housemate is unpopular with Custard, who performs every task possible to make life hard for Pupcake. Strawberry must somehow make her pets get along and realize that there's enough love to go around.moreless
  • Festival of the Fillies
    It is the time of the yearly celebration at Ice Cream Island! Honey Pie joins the festival while Strawberry and the girls become friends with three of the Fillies. Unfortunately, these horses have attracted the attention of the villainous owner of a horse show. He decides to capture the horses and put them in his show – it is up to Strawberry and the others to rescue their friends from this nasty nuisance.moreless
  • Horse of a Different Color
    Honey Pie Pony begins to feel ignored by all the children in Strawberry Land and is worried that she no longer belongs. She soon tells Strawberry and her friends about the Fillies who live on Ice Cream Island – the others are so enthused by her description that they each decide to visit. Once there, Honey Pie feels entirely at home amongst her own kind and considers staying for good! Can Strawberry and her cohorts convince Honey Pie to come home with them?moreless
  • Growing Better
    Growing Better
    Episode 5
    In this special short, Strawberry Shortcake and friends seek out to grow a new garden. However, shortly after the completion of the garden, crows come and ruin it. With some ingenuity, Strawberry Shortcake and her friends successfully scare the crows away.
  • 10/14/03
    Christmas is coming to Strawberryland, and Strawberry Shortcake has some shopping to do in Holidayland. But she must be quick about it since all her friends are gathering at her house to help decorate the Christmas tree. With a little imagination and some help from Santa Claus, Strawberry comes up with ideal gifts for everyone. Unfortunately, an unexpected mishap on the way home nearly ruins her holidays until Santa and her friends give her a gentle reminder about what the season is really all about.moreless
  • Get Well Adventure
    Get Well Adventure
    Episode 3
    Unfortunate Honey Pie Pony has damaged her leg and must remain in bed until it heals. And as a result, she can't go on a planned outing with her allies in Strawberry Land. Strawberry Shortcake, Ginger Snap, Orange Blossom, Angel Cake, and Huckleberry Pie decide to care for their unhappy friend. And it won't be easy, seeing as Honey Pie's in such a terrible mood, but they are determined to put up with her demands and turn the day around for her.moreless
  • Spring For Strawberry Shortcake
    Strawberryland is experiencing an unfortunate crisis: The first day of spring has arrived, and winter weather is here to stay! Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Blossom, and Ginger Snap join forces and locate the source of the problem to get the seasons back on track. When they find Spring, the young girl who is supposed to end winter, they learn that she doesn't feel like doing her job this year. Can Strawberry and her cohorts convince Spring to do the right thing, or will winter go on forever?moreless
  • 3/11/03
    Today is Apple Dumplin's first birthday, and her older sister Strawberry Shortcake has made the decision to throw a party in honor of the occasion. Unfortunately for her, certain essential party-throwing items cannot be located inside of their house. The two sisters (along with their animal duo Custard and Pupcake) set out on an quest in Strawberryland in search of the supplies they need. During their travels, they meet a unique group of new friends who will join them in their celebration.moreless