Strawberry Shortcake

Season 1 Episode 5

Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name

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Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name
Plum Pudding and Elderberry Owl return to Strawberry Land after a long vacation and bring back two new friends. Strawberry and the others are berry delighted to meet Peach Blush and an adorable little baby girl who doesn't have a name yet. The travelers' arrival coincides with two events: the annual camping trip, and the appearance of large footprints that the Peculiar Purple Pieman believes belong to a monster. These events collide when the Baby wanders off during the campout and follows the monster's trail.moreless

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    Russi Taylor

    Russi Taylor

    voice of Strawberry Shortcake (Season 1)

    Joan Gerber

    Joan Gerber

    voice of Blueberry Muffin (Season 1-2) / Apricot (Season 1)

    Sarah Heinke

    Sarah Heinke

    voice of Strawberry Shortcake (Season 2)

    Samantha Triba

    Samantha Triba

    voice of Ginger Snap (Season 2)

    Rachel Ware

    Rachel Ware

    voice of Angel Cake (Season 2)

    DeJare Barfield

    DeJare Barfield

    voice of Orange Blossom (Season 2)

    Chris Wiggins

    Chris Wiggins

    voice of Mr. Sun

    Guest Star

    Jeri Craden

    Jeri Craden

    voice of Sour Grapes / Fig Boot

    Guest Star

    Susan Roman

    Susan Roman

    voice of Orange Blossom / Peach Blush

    Guest Star

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      • Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Blossom, Lemon Meringue, and Cherry Cuddler: We're going camping,
        Come along and join the fun
        We're going camping
        There's room enough for everyone!

        We're gonna build a campfire
        Gonna have a barbeque
        We're going camping
        Gonna roast marshmallows too!

        We're going camping!
        Everybody's going camping!
        Come along, we're going camping!
        Camping in the woods . . . we're camping in the woods!

        We're gonna have a good time
        Gonna sleep beneath the stars
        Tell scary stories
        Gonna sing and play
        (lyric unknown)

        We're going camping
        Gather up your camping gear
        We're going camping
        Camping time is why we're here!

        We're going camping!
        Everybody's going camping!
        Come along, we're going camping!
        Camping in the . . . camping in the woods!

      • "A Very Scary Holiday" – sung by Strawberry Shortcake
        There's a time I seem to remember
        When all the ghosts come out to play –
        All the goblins gather together
        And have a very scary holiday!

        One evening, just around midnight,
        All the ghosts from miles around
        Tried their worst to scare little children –
        Listen close and you can hear their haunting sound!

        What was that? I think they're here!!
        You never can tell when a ghost is near!
        Watch your step or you'll disappear…


        Then the ghosts start searching for someone
        Who they can spook and steal away!
        They'll tie you up with cobwebs and shadows
        And take you on their very scary holiday!

        (musical interlude)

        Tip toe, get out of sight!
        The moon is full, the time is right!
        The ghosts are looking for you tonight…

        Elderberry Owl: HOO!!!

      • "The Monster" – sung by the Peculiar Purple Pieman and Sour Grapes
        P: (speaking) How big would you say this monster is?
        S: (speaking) Fifteen feet tall at least.
        P: I though it was more like twenty feet.
        S: Thirty feet if it's an inch.

        P: (singing) He's big and bad and ugly!
        S: (singing) Stands fifty stories high!
        P: A magnificent monstrosity –
        Both: We'll nab him by and by!

        P: He's grosser than Godzilla!
        S: Gargantuous in size!
        P: Oh every pound of scaly flesh
        Both: Will make our profits rise!

        P: (speaking) Let's see, 5000 pounds at $1000 a pound…
        S: (speaking) Oh Purpie, we'll be rich!!!

        P: (singing) For lunch he gobbles cities!
        S: (singing) For snacks he munches cars!
        P: Oh we will be so famous
        Both: When we put him behind bars!

        P: We'll be on TV!!!!
        S: For all the world to see…
        P: Oh how rich we'll be…
        S: It will feel divine!!!

        P: Our wealth will grow…
        S: With our new pet on show…
        P: Everyone will know,
        That he is all MINE!!
        S: No MINE!!
        P: No MINE!!
        S: No MINE!!
        P: No MINE!!
        S: No MINE!!

        P: His teeth are sharp as daggers!
        S: His fangs could scrape the floor!
        P: He's Frankensteinly frightening –
        Both: You couldn't ask for more!

        P: He's catastrophically creepy!
        S: A truly savage beast!
        P: We'll sell him for a million bucks –
        S: A million bucks at least!

        P: Oh, we'll be unbelievably
        S: Inconceivably
        P: Irretrievably
        S: Barely evilly
        (next five lines unknown)
        Both: Downright filthy rich!

      • "Berry Best Friends" – sung by Strawberry Shortcake and her friends

        S: They can be big, they can be small,
        It doesn't really matter at all
        They'll always be there, to show that they care
        And lift you up if you fall

        It isn't a chocolate candy
        That makes me feel bright and dandy
        There's only one thing that it can be:

        All: Friends, best friends
        I'm talking 'bout friends, best friends
        S: Berry best friends

        (dialog between Strawberry and the Baby about getting one of her wishes)

        All: Friends, best friends
        I'm talking 'bout friends, best friends
        S: Berry best friends

        Take a whole lot of love and caring
        Fill your arms full of hugs and sharing
        What you get is the uncomparing:

        All: Friends, best friends
        I'm talking 'bout friends, best friends
        Everybody needs friends, best friends
        S: You're my berry best friends!

        (speaking) And I love you all berry much!

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