Strawberry Shortcake

Season 1 Episode 5

Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Unknown on CBS

Episode Recap

It's another beautiful day in Strawberry Land as Mr. Sun invites us to take a look at the pool party going on at Strawberry Shortcake's house. Lemon Meringue, Orange Blossom, and Cherry Cuddler are all having a blast on the various slides, swings, and sunbathing areas that come with the pool. Frappe gets a scolding from Lemon Meringue when the enthusiastic frog splashes poor Custard. As Strawberry dries herself off, she suddenly remembers the telegram she received from Plum Pudding. This long-absent friend is returning from her travels and bringing some new friends home with her. The travelers will be coming on the Big Berry Trolley that day, just in time for the annual camping trip. Everyone is very excited to hear this. The whole group decides to go to the trolley station and tell the others the news along the way.

Strawberry and her friends pass many Berry Folk on their way to the station. Their excitement over their camping trip can hardly be contained ("We're Going Camping"). Mr. Sun is pleased by their enthusiasm and hopes that nothing will spoil their fun. He's noticed that things have been extra nice lately since no one has seen the Peculiar Purple Pieman in a while. Over at Porcupine Peak, the Pieman has barricaded himself inside his kitchen and hidden inside his oven. Sour Grapes and Dregs knock on the door and ask to be let in, but the Pieman wants proof of her identity. He gets it when she lets out her trademark wail; he then flies out of the oven, rips the boards off the door, hurries his partner inside, reseals the door, and presses himself against the barricade in a panic.

A highly amused Sour Grapes thinks that "Purpie's" jumpiness is due to Strawberry Shortcake and her berry talk. The Pieman screeches for her to keep her voice down and whispers that he's hiding from a monster. Sour Grapes's surprised exclamation nearly sends her partner into orbit – he dives back into the oven with his Berry Bird. She scoffs that his monster doesn't exist, yet he insists that she'd change her tune if she saw what he saw. They then agree to go look at his proof and he does his Pieman dance right there in the oven!

A huge crowd has gathered at the Big Berry Trolley station to welcome Plum Pudding and Elderberry Owl home to Strawberry Land. The scholarly traveler arrives and introduces her companions to her old friends: Peach Blush, a dainty Southern belle from the Land of the Magnolias; a pretty lamb named Melanie Belle; and an adorable little Baby who doesn't have a name. Strawberry picks up the Baby and immediately bonds with the friendly and talkative girl. She asks the Baby if she likes camping; the Baby proudly proclaims she loves camping, then asks what it is. Everyone giggles as Peach Blush (her caretaker) explains that the Baby likes everything and is not afraid to talk to anyone. Strawberry informs her new friends that they'll find out all about camping that night.

Plum Pudding and Elderberry Owl walk home alone so that they can unpack before the campout. As they enter the woods, they come across a giant footprint in the road. A preliminary analysis of the print's dimensions leads Plum Pudding to conclude that the creature that made the print must be at least ten feet tall and weigh over four hundred pounds! This freaks poor Elderberry Owl out. Plum Pudding decides that they should keep this a secret and return tomorrow to do more scientific investigating. She then sprints down the road to the safety of her house.

Once she's gone, Sour Grapes rises from her hiding place in the bushes and informs her partner that he was right (for once in his life) about the monster. But the Pieman, who's hiding up in a tree, shushes her because he's afraid the monster will hear them. Unlike her panic-stricken associate, Sour Grapes is not scared in the least. Instead, she wants to catch the monster and become rich and famous be exhibiting it across the country. Her plan appeals to the Pieman's greedy nature – he gets over his fear once he realizes that people will pay big bucks to see a real live monster. The newly inspired villain vows to build a cunning trap to snare their new meal ticket.

Hours later, the Berry Folk are all gathered around a campfire as dusk is turning into night. They are dressed in their jammies and snug in their sleeping bags. Lime Chiffon asks Strawberry to tell one of her famous ghost stories; Raspberry Tart and Orange Blossom chime in and request a really scary story. Strawberry is reluctant to do so because of the Baby, but the Baby giggles and assures her that she loves stories. So Strawberry agrees, warns her friends that they asked for it, and proceeds to tell a terrifying story about goblins and ghosts who kidnap small children and take them on "A Very Scary Holiday." Everyone dances around the campfire making scary faces while looking warily at the shadows lurking in the woods. They get a real scare when Elderberry Owl pops out of a tree stump crying "Hoo!" Everyone shrieks and dives under their sleeping bags, including the Baby (who's not really scared but is following everyone's example).

After laughing at themselves for being so silly, they notice the first star of the night. Strawberry tells the Baby to make a wish on that star. She makes two: she would like a name and a pet, just like all of her new friends. Blueberry Muffin doesn't think that there are any spare pets in Strawberry Land. But the Baby is sure that her wish can come true somehow. It's time for bed, and soon the fire's out and the campers are fast asleep. Suddenly, a shadow passes over the camp that makes a muffled thumping noise. The Baby is the only one that wakes up. She crawls out of her sleeping bag and sees a trail of footprints identical to the one Plum Pudding found earlier. The curious and carefree Baby then follows the footprints away from the camp!

Mr. Sun yawns in the morning, looks down at the campers, and chuckles when he realizes that they're still fast asleep after a late night. Soon Strawberry wakes up and notices that the Baby is missing. The entire camp then wakes up and discovers the trail of monster-sized footprints leading into the woods. Plum Pudding explains that she found similar tracks yesterday. Poor Peach Blush begins to cry when she sees that the Baby's trail follows the monster's, but Strawberry assures her that they'll find the Baby before anything happens to her.

Elsewhere in the woods, the Purple Pieman is hard at work constructing an elaborate trap for the monster. He's very pleased with his handiwork – Sour Grapes, however, has her doubts. The villains realize that the trap needs bait and each suggests using the other's prized pet. Then the Pieman suggests one of his pies, much to everyone's disgust (including his own). The bad guys begin to fantasize about what "The Monster" looks like and how much money they'll get after it's captured. Unfortunately, they get so caught up in their fantasy that they accidentally set the trap in motion. The Pieman gets caught in his own cage after hours of work, much to Sour Grapes's pleasure.

The Baby has followed the footprints into a dark cave. She's still not scared at this point – instead she giggles as she looks around the cavern. Suddenly, she falls down a pit and lands on a soft leaf pile. The Baby is unhurt but can't get out, so she calls for help. But her friends are still searching for her in another part of the woods. To make things worse, they've lost the trail, although Strawberry is still confident that they'll find her. Back at the cave, the same shadow that passed by the camp approaches the pit as the Baby wonders if anyone will ever find her. She senses that someone is there and sees a small pink head up above her. She calls out a greeting, causing the head to duck back out of her sight. The Baby asks the creature not to leave her since she's trapped and misses her friends. She then learns that the creature (a cuddly pink hippo thing) doesn't have any friends of his own. Her promise to be his friend makes him very excited and instantly wins his loyalty.

The Pieman and Sour Grapes have split up in order to search for the monster. But both of them are jittery as they creep through the woods on their own. At one point, they accidentally bump into each other and scream since they believe they've run into the monster. They bolt in opposite directions. The Berry Folk are also hiding behind trees out of fear of the monster. Everyone is so scared that they all panic and wind up crashing into each other in a clearing near the cave. Strawberry assumes that the two bad guys are involved in the Baby's disappearance. But the villains are suspicious as well and refuse to believe their story about the missing Baby.

Just then the Baby crawls out of the cave. The Berry Folk cheer as Strawberry picks up their little friend and makes sure she's ok. The Baby tells them about falling down a hole and being set free by Fig Boot. This puzzles everyone, so the Baby calls for Fig Boot to come out of the cave and meet his new friends. The pink creature hops out into the open and is greeted with a terrified scream by the Purple Pieman and Sour Grapes. Their "monster" is so scared that he hops back into the cave. Suddenly Plum Pudding notices the print he left behind and realizes that they've been scared for nothing. What they all thought was a giant footprint was actually Fig Boot's two feet and large tail. Poor Fig Boot is far too sweet and shy to be a threat to anyone. The Baby coaxes Fig Boot out, hugs him, explains that he only wants to be loved, and asks if she can keep him.

The Pieman proclaims that she can't keep him because the monster is coming with him and Sour Grapes. Fig Boot hops away in fright only to be chased into a small cage. The Purple Pieman then pulls a hidden lever and drops a huge cage over the Berry Folk. With their prize won and enemies captured, the bad guys head back to the Pie Tin Palace to plan their next move. The Baby sniffles as she watches her friend be taken by these bullies. Strawberry promises that they'll find a way to get free and bring Fig Boot back.

Later, Mr. Sun tells us that the dastardly duo plan on selling Fig Boot to the circus. But the Pieman is bummed that their monster's not scary. Fig Boot is happily chowing down on popcorn inside his glass cage. Sour Grapes tries to get him to growl ferociously, but all he does is gurgle and wag his tail. The disgusted Pieman demonstrates what they're looking for by making faces, contorting his body, running around, and howling different animal noises. All this does is tire him out and scare Fig Boot silly. Sour Grapes decides that they should take their monster as he is or else put Purpie in the cage instead. The Pieman is not amused by this remark and suggests they get this show on the road.

The Berry Folk are running out of time to save Fig Boot. Plum Pudding concocts a scientific way of escaping the cage. A tiny flower has been trapped with them – if it gets enough sunlight, it'll grow tall enough to lift the cage up. Strawberry calls up to Mr. Sun and asks for more light down there in the woods. Mr. Sun goes full blast and allows enough light to reach the flower and let it make up for lost time. Plum Pudding's plan works and everyone is freed. After thanking Mr. Sun, Strawberry thinks up a plan to get Fig Boot back. All the Berry Folk and their pets will have to pitch in if this is going to work. Everyone gathers around as she explains her idea.

Around sunset, the bad guys are recklessly driving down the road to the Big Berry Trolley to catch a ride to Big Apple City. They speed around a corner and crash in a large hole in the road. The Pieman looks at the hole and sees more of them further down the road. A closer examination makes him realize that they are actually giant versions of Fig Boot's footprints! He screams out in fright as Sour Grapes has a look at his discovery. She suggests they ditch Fig Boot and go after the big monster, but he's way too scared and just wants to leave well enough alone. Suddenly a huge roar emanates from the woods as a gigantic tree monster reaches out to grab them. The Pieman and Sour Grapes scream in terror and bolt back to Porcupine Peak. Fig Boot is left cowering in his cage, but he soon hears giggles: the tree monster is actually the Berry Folk and their pets in disguise! They climb down and reunite Fig Boot with the Baby. Strawberry then tells her friends that they're all invited to her house for a victory celebration. The party will start as soon as they fill in the holes that they dug.

We join the party while it's in full swing. Strawberry plays her piano and leads everyone in a tribute to "Berry Best Friends," whether they're human beings or animals. She then congratulates the Baby since her wish for a pet came true. The Baby is happy yet still wants a name of her very own. Strawberry promises that someone, somewhere, has a name that's just right for her … and she looks out at the audience as she does so.