Strawberry Shortcake

Season 1 Episode 5

Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Unknown on CBS



  • Quotes

    • "The Monster" – sung by the Peculiar Purple Pieman and Sour Grapes
      P: (speaking) How big would you say this monster is?
      S: (speaking) Fifteen feet tall at least.
      P: I though it was more like twenty feet.
      S: Thirty feet if it's an inch.

      P: (singing) He's big and bad and ugly!
      S: (singing) Stands fifty stories high!
      P: A magnificent monstrosity –
      Both: We'll nab him by and by!

      P: He's grosser than Godzilla!
      S: Gargantuous in size!
      P: Oh every pound of scaly flesh
      Both: Will make our profits rise!

      P: (speaking) Let's see, 5000 pounds at $1000 a pound…
      S: (speaking) Oh Purpie, we'll be rich!!!

      P: (singing) For lunch he gobbles cities!
      S: (singing) For snacks he munches cars!
      P: Oh we will be so famous
      Both: When we put him behind bars!

      P: We'll be on TV!!!!
      S: For all the world to see…
      P: Oh how rich we'll be…
      S: It will feel divine!!!

      P: Our wealth will grow…
      S: With our new pet on show…
      P: Everyone will know,
      That he is all MINE!!
      S: No MINE!!
      P: No MINE!!
      S: No MINE!!
      P: No MINE!!
      S: No MINE!!

      P: His teeth are sharp as daggers!
      S: His fangs could scrape the floor!
      P: He's Frankensteinly frightening –
      Both: You couldn't ask for more!

      P: He's catastrophically creepy!
      S: A truly savage beast!
      P: We'll sell him for a million bucks –
      S: A million bucks at least!

      P: Oh, we'll be unbelievably
      S: Inconceivably
      P: Irretrievably
      S: Barely evilly
      (next five lines unknown)
      Both: Downright filthy rich!