Strawberry Shortcake

Season 1 Episode 3

Strawberry Shortcake: Pets on Parade

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Strawberry Shortcake: Pets on Parade
The Second Annual Grand Old Pettable Pet Show and Pet Parade will be taking place today in Strawberry Land. As judges, Strawberry Shortcake and Custard are the keepers of the first prize: a beautiful new tricycle with a pet basket. The Pieman sees this prize and wants it for himself; he may just get it with the help of his old partner Sour Grapes. Meanwhile, a new girl named Angel Cake sits on the sidelines at the pet show wishing for an animal of her own to love.moreless

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    Russi Taylor

    Russi Taylor

    voice of Strawberry Shortcake (Season 1)

    Joan Gerber

    Joan Gerber

    voice of Blueberry Muffin (Season 1-2) / Apricot (Season 1)

    Sarah Heinke

    Sarah Heinke

    voice of Strawberry Shortcake (Season 2)

    Samantha Triba

    Samantha Triba

    voice of Ginger Snap (Season 2)

    Rachel Ware

    Rachel Ware

    voice of Angel Cake (Season 2)

    DeJare Barfield

    DeJare Barfield

    voice of Orange Blossom (Season 2)

    Romeo Muller

    Romeo Muller

    voice of Mr. Sun

    Guest Star

    Jeri Craden

    Jeri Craden

    voice of Sour Grapes

    Guest Star

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    • QUOTES (5)

      • "Today's the Perfect Place to Be" – sung by Flo & Eddie
        Today's the perfect place to be
        Today's the day for you and me
        Our lucky sun is shining, our lucky sky is blue
        The good Lord is designing a day it all comes true

        Right now, there's never been before
        Good news is knockin' on our door
        The world's a four-leaf clover, a rainbow built for two
        I'd love to give today to you

        Yesterday is gone and done for
        Tomorrow's still a pack of dreams
        Now's the time to have some fun, for
        It's later than it seems

        Today's the perfect place to be
        Let's take the opportunity
        I know we're gonna make it 'cuz as far as I can see,
        Today's the perfect place; right now's the perfect space
        To show that perfect face, to gaze up back at me…

        Today's the perfect place to be
        Today's the perfect place to be

      • Peculiar Purple Pieman: Oh, I'm much lower than you are
        Sour Grapes: You can't get lower than I
        PPM: In a lowdown showdown, your lows I'd mow down!
        SG: To me, you're always up high

        For I'm despicably evil
        PPM: No! I'm as bad as they come!
        SG: Oh, I'm not perty when I play dirty
        PPM: But I'm the crummiest crumb

        Both: Oh we're quite a pair
        Depraved, yet debonair
        Nasty and mean

        PPM: I'm the Bad Guy King!
        SG: But I'm the QUEEN!

        Both: We're both deplorable stinkers!
        But who is lower than who?

        PPM: I'm misbegotten and rather rotten
        SG: From first to lastly, I'm worse than ghastly
        PPM: Wait, I'll cheat – I'm a seasoned creep!
        SG: When it comes to cheatin' I can't be beaten

        So I'm much lower than you!
        PPM: No, I'm much lower than you!
        SG: (lays on the ground) No, I'm much lower than you!
        PPM: (ditto) No, I'm much lower than you!
        (Dregs slithers over to the Pieman and stares at him)
        Oh, for cryin' out loud, you win!

        Both: There's no one lower than you!!!

      • Strawberry Shortcake: Side by side with one another
        A cuddly pet's a kid's best friend
        You can't pass one without the other
        A huggable home companion to the end

        sisters gotta have a brother,
        they're terrible important, we all know.
        but there has to be something more, like inspection on the door, and a wagon still beneath the kitchen table.

        So that every boy and gal
        Holds a furry little pal
        'Cuz an animal's a kid's best friend!

        Here they come, just for you
        Kids and pets, two by two!

        Look at little Jelly Bear
        Betcha Butter Cookie's there!
        Lime Chiffon has got a yakker
        Parfait Parrot wants a cracker
        What makes Cherry Cuddler merry?
        A loosey goose she calls Gooseberry!

        Lemon Meringue was quite unhappy
        'Til she found her froggy Frappe
        Marmalade the buttefly
        Is the apple of Orange Blossom's eye

        Apricot is feeling sunny
        Hopsalot's her favorite bunny!
        Blueberry had a lonely house
        Without her little Cheesecake Mouse

        Rhubarb sure is feeling fine
        Raspberry Tart's on monkey time
        Dumplin's heart sure hurt a lot
        'Til Apple's Tea Time Turtle got it

        Pupcake's really quite a guy
        He's owned by Huckleberry Pie!
        And Strawberry Shortcake without Custard
        Couldn't begin to cut the mustard!

        (musical interlude where the Pieman and Sour Grapes set their plan in motion)

        So that every boy and gal
        Holds a furry little pal
        'Cuz an animal's a kid's best friend!

      • "March Back to Town" – sung by Soufflé the Skunk and Strawberry Shortcake
        SS: When things go wrong
        And folks all bring you down
        If you know you're right, put up a fight
        And march back to town!

        (lyric unknown) sobs
        And tears are tumbling down
        Just stuff them back, get on the track
        SSC: And march back to town!

        SS: (speaking) Right!

        (singing) There's no way to lose
        Except if you choose
        To sing out the blues all day!
        If you want to win
        You've got to begin
        To hold up your chin and say…

        SSC: Hey! I'm okay!
        No one can bring me down
        'Cuz I found my clout
        I got my best foot out
        Both: To march back to town
        March back to town

        If you know you're right, you got to fight!
        And march back to town
        March back to town
        March back to town
        March back to town

      • "Today's the Perfect Place to Be (Reprise)" – sung by Flo and Eddie and Strawberry Shortcake
        F&E: Today was the perfect place to be
        Right here with little Strawberry

        S: But the sun has gone to sleep now
        And soon I'm going too
        The one thing I'll remember is
        The fun I had with you

        (speaking) Good night! And remember:
        (singing) Smile a sunny morning.
        (speaking) Then tomorrow will be another today!

        F&E: The perfect place to be!

    • NOTES (5)

      • Pets On Parade clearly establishes that every human character is bound to own or have owned a pet sometime in their lives. This idea is soon dropped on the eve of Meet Strawberry Shortcake and then revived in Peppermint's Pet Peeve.

      • First appearances of: Sour Grapes, Dregs the Snake, Angel Cake, Souffle Skunk, Lime Chiffon, Jelly Bear, Butter Cookie, Parfait Parrot, Cherry Cuddler, Gooseberry Goose, Frappe Frog, Marmalade Butterfly, Cheesecake Mouse, Rhubarb Monkey, and Tea Time Turtle.

      • This special first aired in the Spring of 1982.

      • Featured Songs: "Today's the Perfect Place to Be," "I'm Much Lower Than You," "A Kid's Best Friend," "March Back to Town," and "Today's the Perfect Place to Be (Reprise)."

      • "Today's the Perfect Place to Be" was performed by Flo and Eddie.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Strawberry: My record of Jeanette MacDonut and Nelson Berry!
        A popular screen duo, Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy co-starred in eight films during the 1930s and 1940s. These opera-quality singers performed in melodramatic romance operettas (such as New Moon and I Married an Angel) that are often parodied. The song that Captain Cackle (as the male) and Dregs (as the female) lip-sync to is the same type of love song they perfomed in their films.