Strawberry Shortcake

Season 1 Episode 4

Strawberry Shortcake's Housewarming Surprise

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Unknown on CBS

Episode Recap

All the Berry Folk in Strawberry Land are helping Strawberry Shortcake move out of her shortcake house and into her new house. The kids take a brief break from packing so that they can watch a slide show of Strawberry and Custard's recent trip around the world. First, the pair learned the Mexicoco hat dance from Café Ole and her pet burro Burrito. Second, they visited China Cup and attempted to master chopsticks with the help of Almond Tea and Marza Panda. Next, they traveled to Holland, met Mint Tulip and her duck Marsh Mallard, and ate real Dutch chocolate. Then, they went to Paris and befriended Crepe Suzette and her French poodle Éclair – Pupcake howls with delight when he sees the picture of the pretty poodle. Finally, Strawberry and Custard befriended the English twins Lem and Ada and their pet dog Sugar Woofer.

At the end of the slide show, Strawberry sadly remarks that she misses all of her new friends. But Blueberry Muffin cheers her up by reminding her that the new house has enough rooms for all of them to stay in. What matters now, Huckleberry Pie adds, is that they finish moving her stuff over there. Pupcake enthusiastically goes back to work by pulling the box Huckleberry was sitting on out from under him! Everyone else laughs and starts grabbing boxes so that they can "Pack 'em Up and Move 'em Out." Up above, Mr. Sun is quite pleased with Strawberry's description of her trip. He's certain that she told her international friends all about the good people and happy days in Strawberry Land.

But a familiar evil laugh from Porcupine Peak reminds Mr. Sun that there are those who try to spoil all the nice days for everyone. Over at the Pie Tin Palace, the Peculiar Purple Pieman is totally wired. His abrupt interruption of Sour Grapes' primping startles her and scares Dregs stiff. He's jazzed because he's devised a maniacal master plan that will top her villainy and permanently spoil Strawberry Shortcake's fun. Sour Grapes, however, is not impressed and just assumes he's overestimating his chances (as usual).

With the packing finished, Strawberry and Custard ride their tricycle ahead to the house to make everything ready for the large moving caravan. Everyone else hitches a ride with the boxes and furniture. On the way, Lime Chiffon tells Blueberry Muffin how much she'd like to meet Strawberry Shortcake's new friends. Parfait Parrot then suggests they throw a party, and Lime Chiffon latches onto the idea with glee and decides it should be a surprise party. Blueberry Muffin agrees that a surprise housewarming party would be a great way to meet the other kids. The two then decide that all of Strawberry's friends could contribute their favorite recipes to a cookbook, for what could be a better housewarming gift than all the best recipes in Strawberry Land?

While the two are busy making these plans, Captain Cackle flies overhead and eavesdrops on their conversation. He then returns to his master and repeats the entire conversation word for word. The Pieman is ecstatic that his plan worked, particularly since teaching these empty-headed Berry Birds to talk was such a painful experience. But as the Pieman explains all of this to Sour Grapes, the Berry Birds follow their training and repeat everything that they are saying to each other (including the song that accompanies the Pieman's dance). Soon the Berry Birds have been shooed away and the Pieman is lounging on the spoon that juts out of the main room of the Palace. He's thoroughly pleased with himself now that he knows the Berry Birds can help him spoil Strawberry Shortcake's fun. An exasperated Sour Grapes alerts "Purpie" to the bigger picture: if they got their hands on the best recipes in Strawberry Land, then they could sell the world's greatest cookbook and make a fortune. The Pieman latches onto this idea with gusto and is determined to carry it out.

A few days later, we see that Strawberry and Custard have settled into their new house, which is "so berry nice and so berry big." Strawberry is still thinking about her international friends and how nice it would be if they could visit and meet all her old friends. Suddenly the doorbell rings and Strawberry rushes to greet her first houseguest. Lime Chiffon is waiting in the doorway and proudly announces the arrival of her friends from around the world! She then does a ballet twirl out of the doorway while Parfait Parrot squawks "happy housewarming" and Strawberry cries out with joy. The "Housewarming Surprise" begins as, one by one, the guests and their pets enter the house carrying delicious goodies (except for Angel Cake, whose dessert has already been eaten by Soufflé). Waiting outside with the recipe box (a picnic basket) are Lem and Ada. Poor Strawberry is overwhelmed with emotion and can barely manage to tell her friends how much she loves them all.

According to Mr. Sun, Huckleberry Pie suggests a game of hide and seek as a fun way of getting a tour of the house. It's not until the game is well underway that Mr. Sun notices the Peculiar Purple Pieman sneaking into the house. The Pieman has been lurking outside since the surprise party started and was hiding in the sprinkler hose when the recipe box was unveiled. Now he's making his way through the house to the kitchen while Strawberry looks for all of her friends. He reaches the kitchen and immediately spots the recipe box on the dessert table. The mean-spirited trickster then begins stuffing his face with all the goodies in order to further wreck Strawberry's day.

While he's gorging, the Pieman overhears Strawberry and Custard in the next room. They have searched the entire house for their friends without any luck, leaving the kitchen as the only place left to look. The Pieman frantically covers himself with whipped cream in order to pass as one of the desserts. But he doesn't even come close to fooling Custard. Strawberry is completely shocked when she realizes the Pieman is in her house. Her exclamation causes all of her friends to leap out of their hiding places in the kitchen. The Pieman grabs the recipe box and dives out the window, splattering whipped cream everywhere in the process. He lands on Strawberry's tricycle and manages to maintain a high speed on it while balancing the recipe box on his hat. Strawberry immediately whistles for her friend Philbert to come and help her catch the Pieman; the giant, green, monocle-wearing worm zips right over. Strawberry hops onto his back and tells him to take the Strawberry Shortcut to the Pie Tin Palace.

During the race, two little heads poke out of the recipe box – it's Lem and Ada, who were using the basket as their hiding place during the game. Mr. Sun spots the two of them and tries to alert Strawberry to the danger that they are in. But she is too intent on beating the Pieman to Porcupine Peak to chat with Mr. Sun. Suddenly, a large gray cloud comes between the sun and the earth. The cloud is too thick for Mr. Sun to push aside, effectively stopping him from delivering his message.

Strawberry and Philbert beat the Pieman to the Palace gate and get ready to berry talk him into submission. Unfortunately, Sour Grapes leans out of the window above them and suggests to that she and Dregs should use Philbert as whale bait. The freaked out worm unwittingly distracts Strawberry just long enough for the Pieman to ride through the gate and slam it shut. Soon the Pieman and Sour Grapes are arguing over who pulled off the caper and gets to claim the recipes. It is only with great reluctance that these partners in crime agree to split their winnings equally. Lem and Ada overhear their celebration from inside the basket and realize that they're no match for two villains. They'll just have to keep out of sight and wait until help arrives. What they don't realize is that no one besides Mr. Sun knows they're gone!

Beneath a tree at the edge of the Pieman's domain, Strawberry apologizes to her friends for losing their recipes. But during the conversation, the Berry Folk begin to hear a voice repeating everything they are saying. They spot Captain Cackle and the other Berry Birds in the tree above them and realize they can talk. Just then, Strawberry gets a brainstorm about how to use the Berry Birds to retrieve the recipe box. She begins singing about berry talk ("If You Wanna Talk Berry") and gets the Berry Birds to repeat each line of the song. Before long – and with a little help from the Berry Folk and the tree – Strawberry has succeeded in getting the song stuck in the Berry Birds' heads. The birds then fly back to the Pie Tin Palace, still singing the song.

Sour Grapes is busy planning her future as a wealthy and famous entrepreneur. The Pieman is silently annoyed that he's been omitted from her plans and is about to tell her off when the Berry Birds return. When he asks his minions what new tidbits of information they've picked up, they begin incessantly repeating the refrain of the song they've just learned. This makes the Pieman twitch, run in circles, and yell hysterically. Realizing that his plan has backfired on him and that the berry talk will drive him mad, he opts to concede defeat and return the recipes. He grabs the recipe box, runs onto the spoon landing, and begs Strawberry Shortcake to call the Berry Birds off. However, his partner is not about to let those recipes go and runs onto the spoon to grab them. But the spoon is not strong enough to support them both; it bends down until they are both clinging on for dear life. As for the recipe box, it slides down a series of the Palace's giant utensils – a corkscrew, an eggbeater handle, and a fork – before finally landing on top of a tall stack of bottles.

At this point, Mr. Sun is finally able to disperse the cloud that has settled underneath him. He then tells Strawberry and her friends that Lem and Ada are trapped in the recipe box! Everyone is shocked as the twins poke their heads out of the basket, for in all the excitement no one had realized they were missing. Even Sour Grapes and the Pieman are surprised – the former is impressed in spite of herself, while the latter is quite pleased with this bonus bit of villainy. Just then the singing Berry Bird fly outside and the Pieman decides that he has to try and save the twins in order to appease Strawberry Shortcake.

Strawberry gets all of her friends to climb on top of each other in an effort to reach the twins. Philbert gets the tower going, followed by Huckleberry Pie, Lime Chiffon, Raspberry Tart, Blueberry Muffin, Café Ole, and Mint Tulip. Strawberry is at the top but still can't quite reach the twins. Meanwhile, the bad guys have retraced the recipe box's path through the utensils. Sour Grapes grabs onto the fork with one hand and holds the Pieman's apron with the other. The Pieman temporarily ignores his snake phobia, holds Dregs out, and commands him to stretch over to the recipe box. An added assist from the Berry Birds enables Dregs to wrap himself around the basket handle and safely lower it down to Strawberry Shortcake.

Everybody cheers as Sugar Woofer enthusiastically licks his owners' faces. With the twins saved, the recipes recovered, and the bad guys carried off by the Berry Birds, the Berry Folk are now free to return to Strawberry's house to celebrate. An exhausted Mr. Sun turns in after all of this excitement, so the party lasts well into the night. Strawberry Shortcake, dressed in a pretty pink ballet dress, honors her international guests by dancing their cultural dances at her "International Party."