Strawberry Shortcake

Season 1 Episode 4

Strawberry Shortcake's Housewarming Surprise

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    • "Housewarming Surprise"
      Now little Mint Tulip made a Dutch Apple Pie
      And she brought it along for everyone to try

      Crepe Suzette and her puppy Éclair
      Brought a chocolate moose for everyone to share

      (Pieman: Chocolate moose for everyone to share?)

      And here's some sweet moo cake made specially
      By Marsipanda and Almond Tea

      There's a caramel flan made the Mexican way
      By sweet Burrito and Café Ole

      Nothing warms a house like a recipe
      You gotta write it all out so carefully

      Cuz a recipe is like a magical friend –
      When you eat up the goodies you can make 'em again!