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Strawberry Shortcake

Season 2 Episode 21

The Legend Of Sherry Bobbleberry

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Aug 22, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Legend Of Sherry Bobbleberry
The fun begins when Sherry Bobbleberry blows in Strawberry's window. Sherry feels she can't do anything right but finally succeeds in becoming a Fairy Princess First Class.

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  • Oh boy, look out for this one....

    I loved strawberry shortcake when I was younger and I still love the new one and the old was was very cute and beautiful but this episode of the new one wasn't that good a meek fairy named sherry bobbleberry tries to- i forgot what she did but i don't care I didn't really like this episode it was boring and the story and the script was horrible and the songs were not so good I do adore the artwork still but just this episode didn't hold my interest I'm sorry if I offended you my fans but this is just quite a rotten bla!moreless
  • I guess I'll never be used to seeing characters embarrassing themselves this badly.

    The wind's blowing so hard one day, the lollipop trees at one angle look as if somebody took a bite out of them. A tiny voice - another Berry Fairy - is blown all the way to Strawberry Shortcake's house where only Ginger Snap is visiting today. Make one think the latter were the former's best friend out of the best, I bet. In comes the fairy smacking against the farthest wall; ouch. Her name is Sherry Bobbleberry, and she too is a Fairy World Fairy Princess though of the fourth class. It turns out she had to deliver a gift to a baby hummingbird as a test by the Fairy Queen until the wind blew her off-course. The poor emotional klutz feels low about that failure and possible failure over warning the other fairies about a flood, so the quartet lends aid where needed.

    Sherry can't find her way home, but she CAN speak the hummingbirds' language, so Strawberry Shortcake suggests the fairy does just that. Still, it's a long shot since Sherry doesn't recall how much she speaks either. But up Gumball Bluff the group goes, reaching a snowy part whose background music reminisces a tune heard in Berry Merry Christmas. Sherry almost gets blown away again, but at least there's shelter nearby. Now for a sledding trip down the path's remainder. Yipes! Watch that crevice! Heh, Ginger Snap forgot brakes to stop. She and Strawberry Shortcake are shrunken down so they fit into the Berry Fairy Fields' main city. Sherry's in deep trouble with Fairy Chief Periwinkle Pearblossom for bringing outsiders. Poor chief's working too hard and needs a vacation, I believe.

    Warning one fairy at a time about the impending disaster comes next. But Sherry's off to a bad start after bumping into someone and dumping the receiver's groceries on the ground. That one doesn't accept an apology despite that Strawberry Shortcake helps pick up the items; ungrateful, that's what she is. Not to mock the fairies, but most of them have such amusing voices. Another humiliation at catching one group's attention leads a sobbing Sherry to sing about her clumsiness. Custard spots a paper posted on a nearby tree announcing the queen's birthday which Strawberry Shortcake think holds the solution.

    Right about now, I'm guessing anyone reading my reviews think these should be turned into recaps since I can't help throwing in spoilers. At the party, Sherry tries sharing her information but doesn't get much further before widespread gasps, Periwinkle's unfairness, and surrounding laughter (too much stress in the audience) send her packing again. Pupcake spies the upcoming flood and, after Ginger Snap's suggestion of a temporary dam, prompts the group's return back to the party. That was close! Riding hummingbirds sounds like some fun. Now it's Periwinkle's turn to feel the embarrassment, albeit in denial. Can't talk to hummingbirds? Obviously, skeptics like the chief haven't seen Dr. Dolittle (both versions).

    Those fairies seen earlier are amongst those helping out. "Alright, Periwinkle!" Sherry quietly declares. Well, well; someone sounds forgiving. The flood is diverted, and the former klutz is promoted to first class and gets her tiara. Huh? Why wasn't this tiara business mentioned before? And why doesn't Margalo also have one?

    Interesting character designs for the Berry Fairies. Not the first time certain conventions have been violated, and certainly not the last either. Recent episodes (except Legend Of The Lost Treasure, I guess) have replicated real life more than usual regardless of certain elements. Are this and its partner When The Berry Fairy Came To Stay attempts to restore the show's more fantastical demeanor I saw in the first four eps? I wouldn't doubt it. From what other opinions I picked up, many viewers may not enjoy these recent ones - especially this - because they don't focus on or even feature much of the main cast. I unfortunately know the feeling, but I must keep in mind that trying new things is part of keeping the show interesting.

    However, I got three other big problems. First of all, I guess I'll never be used to seeing anybody embarrass themselves as badly as Sherry did, even if my own life is built upon such. Secondly..."Sherry"? What're the producers thinking naming a character after a type of wine? What're they trying to teach kids? The third issue - the second musical sequence being a collage of earlier scenes (Strawberry Shortcake and Ginger Snap get their normal voices back for this) - doesn't help matters. I like it better when they use clips sparingly.

    Where ARE Angel Cake and Orange Blossom. Come to think of it, I don't see Huckleberry Pie, Apple Dumplin', or Honey Pie either. Hmm...moreless
Anna Jordan

Anna Jordan

Fairy #3

Guest Star

Samantha Triba

Samantha Triba

Fairy #1

Guest Star

Theresa Sindelar

Theresa Sindelar

Periwinkle Pearblossom / Fairy #2

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Sherry talks of having a tiara when being a Fairy Princess First Class. Unless it's a recent development, or Margalo somehow stowed hers, the redheaded fairy should've also had one.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Periwinkle: Your royal highness is getting her royal self dirty.
      Queen: Oh, quit talking and help us, Periwinkle.
      Periwinkle: That's just what I was gonna do.

    • Ginger Snap: (while all sled down a hill) What a sled. Do I know how to build 'em or what?
      Custard: How do you stop this thing anyway?
      Ginger Snap: (snaps fingers) Knew I forgot somethin'.

    • Custard: (observes the outside) What a windy day. (hops back on the couch and lays down)
      Ginger Snap: You can sure say that again, Custard, my friend.
      Custard: Okay. What a windy day.

    • Sherry Bobbleberry: Everything I touch turns into mush
      Every berry that I pick I crush
      Each balloon I hold, it pops
      I pick up a plate, it drops
      Everything I touch turns into mush

      Everything I touch turns into mush
      All my best-laid plans I have to flush
      I am such a gawky goof
      Life should be more Sherry-proof
      Everything I touch turns into mush

      I'm an accident
      Waiting for her turn
      I'm unsafe at any speed
      If they gave out a prize
      The only one I'd earn
      Would be most least likely to succeed

      Everything I touch turns into mush
      I put my finger in the dike, it starts to gush
      I'm so clumsy, don't ya know
      I could trip and stub your toe
      It's enough to make a fairy blush
      How everything I touch turns into mush

      But there's so much good
      I'm longing to do
      Such wonders I want to achieve
      If only I could change
      Be somebody new
      But for this faulty fairy
      It's so hard to believe

      Everything I touch turns into mush
      Lady Luck has given me the brush
      What could I be doing wrong
      Who can help me sing this song
      Tell me, am I asking all that much
      That everything I touch
      Doesn't turn into mush

    • All: The Legend of Sherry Bobbleberry
      Fairy princess fourth class
      A tale of glorious victory
      That barely came to pass

      Sherry Bobbleberry: 'Twas a sunny day
      In the Berry Fairy Fields
      When the wind blew with great force
      And a fairy
      Named Sherry Bobbleberry
      Was blown away off-course
      What a fateful error it proved to be
      As the makings of a flood she'd seen
      So she sailed on a sled
      To the Berry Fairy Fields
      To warn all the fairies and their queen

      All: The Legend of Sherry Bobbleberry
      Fairy princess fourth class
      Would she save her queen
      From the floods so mean
      Would safety come to pass

      Sherry Bobbleberry: But in the fairy world
      Of the berry vines
      No fairy would believe her
      And the royal queen
      Of the fairies herself
      Refused to even receive her

      Strawberry Shortcake: So she flew to the belly
      Of the floody muddy beast

      Ginger Snap: And her friends helped build a dam
      Strawberry Shortcake: But when that was not enough
      She wasn't bothered in the least

      Sherry Bobbleberry: It was a chance to prove who I am
      Who I am
      So she flew back to the queen
      Saying "Now see what I mean"
      And together they all stopped the flood

      Strawberry Shortcake: They followed Sherry's lead
      The queen herself took heed

      Sherry Bobbleberry: Her name was now
      No longer mud

      All: The Legend of Sherry Bobbleberry
      Just one intrepid lass
      From now on
      Oh, she'll be known
      As a fairy princess
      (Fairy princess)
      First class

    • Sherry Bobbleberry: (dusts herself off; panicky) Well, I've been blown miles and miles off course, and the queen's going to be furious! (calm and ironic) But otherwise, I'm just fine. (gives a thumbs-up)

  • NOTES (3)