Strawberry Shortcake

Season 2 Episode 20

When The Berry Fairy Came To Stay

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Aug 22, 2006 on CBS
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When The Berry Fairy Came To Stay
When Strawberry discovers a fairy in her garden, the fairy tries to take advantage of Strawberry's kindness but comes to realize that true friendship means treating others as kindly as they treat you.

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  • Complement to an older one

    It's no surprise that the crew still has more to learn about Strawberryland. Pupcake spots in Strawberry Shortcake's garden something known as a Berry Fairy named Margalo, who apparently hurts her wing from surprise. Unlike a certain equine, who was very critical of everybody's hospitable efforts, said fairy has the opposite problem of getting too comfy. That fairy sure can consume. And when Ginger Snap comes calling, it is revealed that Margalo is the one who gives the berries their color. Her solo mentions other fairies who do the same while also sounding boastful. The first time I heard it, I thought maybe this episode contradicted Spring For Strawberry Shortcake but then figured perhaps Spring does the precursor work while the Berry Fairies take up maintenance. Still, why would everybody be surprised to meet a fairy? Isn't Spring a fairy herself? And what about the Sugar Plum Fairy from Berry Merry Christmas? Oh, right, it's probably a rare occurrence.

    Margalo is then set inside a mechanical toy car Ginger Snap built before meeting other neighbors. Angel Cake, Blueberry Muffin, and Orange Blossom are nothing short of pleased and offer up their own suggestions. On the other hand, Custard and Pupcake notice something interesting concerning the fairy's wings. The night confirms both their suspicions (Pupcake's ears must have more nerves than I thought) when they see Margalo flying about making a mess of things. Too bad she outsmarts Strawberry Shortcake - now outfitted with new sleepwear - the next morning. So the pets try a prank to expose the liar but fail miserably and attempt leaving instead.

    While Strawberry Shortcake goes out looking for them, Margalo claims to the others that she has no friends back in Fairy World, prompting a makeover. The main tenant catches up to her pets and easily convinces them to come back home. Of course, Pupcake's discovery - of which Strawberry Shortcake asks about using Custard's voice - gives the child no time to admire Margalo's new image. Blueberry Muffin shares the worry first.

    At the fairy's suggestion, Strawberry Shortcake tends to the berries next morning. Water reflecting sunlight alongside morning dew are easy pickings, but catching a bird song is another story (how about a recording device?). Margalo's newfound guilt doesn't budge truthtelling until a crow comes along. But the fairy mistakes it for either Pupcake or Custard before she sees the real McCoys strutting beside Strawberry Shortcake. Criminy, what's the deal with this demonization of crows anyhow? I bet a retraction explaining why they snatch fairies would alleviate things, but I shouldn't hold my breath. Well, at least Pupcake only scares it off without actually hurting it; good enough. Margalo is exposed for the best and given a pep song that lands her some new fairy friends some time later.moreless

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    • Custard: Margalo this. Margalo that. I can't take this much longer. And maybe I won't have to. Come on.

    • Margalo: I don't know how to thank you all. (flutters wings slightly)
      Custard: Do you see what I see, Pupcake?
      Pupcake: (growls softly)
      Custard: That wing looks pretty good to me.

    • Strawberry Shortcake: It's what's inside
      Not what's out
      What you say, not how you shout
      That makes you beautiful
      Not what's outside
      But what's in
      How you play, not if you win
      That makes you beautiful

      There's not one pretty face
      That can ever take the place
      Of a caring, loving heart

      The berry bestest pal
      Is the sweetest gal
      So make that the place to start

      So let me be concise
      You've gotta treat people nice
      And you'll be beautiful

      Ginger Snap: It's good, hard work
      Strawberry Shortcake: Keeping friends in mind
      Orange Blossom: And being honest
      Angel Cake: Being kind
      All except Ma: That makes you beautiful

      Margalo: I've seen by watching you
      Oh, it's that thing you do
      When you work the berry patch
      How your friendship grows
      As your goodness shows
      So it's you
      I wanna match

      Strawberry Shortcake: Don't judge the fruit
      By the fuzz

      Others except Margalo: Don't judge it
      Strawberry Shortcake: Peachy is as peachy does
      Others except Margalo: Easy does it
      Strawberry Shortcake: That makes you beautiful

      All: And be yourself
      As you are
      And that way, you'll fly twice as far
      That makes you beautiful
      That makes you beautiful

    • Margalo: Berries
      Take a special kind of caring
      Need meticulous preparing
      To build the better berry is the burden you must carry
      When you're a merry berry fairy like me

      Take tireless preparation
      Can be a work of admiration
      Some skill and resolution with some expert execution
      Is what you need when making berries like these

      It's a simple formulation of love and trust
      Plus irrigation
      Not to mention prime location
      Help the fruit's acceleration
      For the proper adaptation
      One needs strict acclimation
      Or you'll face humiliation
      And that's no exaggeration

      Couldn't start off any duller
      They need me to add the color
      From the sun when it's reflected
      To use it as expected
      Takes a super scooper merry berry fairy like me

      There's other berry fairies
      But I've often heard it said
      When you compare our wares
      Their berries rarely bear my shade of red
      These berries glow the most
      Can't you see
      Thanks to a lucky plucky merry berry fairy like me

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