Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures

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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Dance Puppy Dance
      Episode 13
      When a simple tune Cherry composes goes viral, Cherry quickly gets fed up with everyone listening to this song, everywhere, all the time. She tries to get some peace so she can compose the song she's suppose to write for the Queen of Berryvania.
    • 9/5/15
      Apple's groove booties can teach the pups to dance in a Doggie Dance Show. Huck offers to have TomTom join the show... despite the pup's obvious dislike of performing. It's up to Strawberry ensure Huck doesn't force TomTom to dance.
    • 8/29/15
      Apple is left out of a Berryball game and a ballet class, she invents some groove booties programmed to dance to any beat. She temporarily impresses her friends with her dance moves, but when the groove booties go out of control, she is forced to fess up.
    • Hot Sauce Cook Off
      Episode 10
      Before the annual Big Berry County Fair, Sour and Apple encourage Bloom to try one more time to beat his cousin in a hot sauce contest.
    • 8/15/15
      When Apple and Sour start playing pranks on each other, the jokes soon turn into a feud, and it's up to Strawberry and the gang to set things right.
    • 8/8/15
      Strawberry's new cake is such a hit, the girls want everyone to hear about it. But when Strawberry fouls up the recipe, Apple has to find a solution.
    • 8/1/15
      Apple's campfire tale of villains and chases is so outrageous that everyone thinks the story is made up. But the gang may be in for a big surprise.
    • 7/25/15
      Learning the difference between truth and a story is hard for Sweet, who doesn't understand why twin sister Sour is so good at spinning yarns.
    • Tall Tale Trio
      Episode 5
      At the Berry girls' annual camp-out, Orange, Plum and Cherry each tell an over-the-top yarn to explain why they arrived late.
    • 7/11/15
      Twins Sweet and Sour always have a joint birthday party. So when Sour insists on her own party, Strawberry has to stir up a sweet solution.
    • High Tech Drama
      Episode 3
      Lemon and Raspberry want to win the high-tech fashion contest, but when things go wrong, the gang has to show them some low-tech ideas.
    • 6/27/15
      The high-tech fashion contest is looming, but when Strawberry's traveling cousin Apple Dumplin' arrives for a visit, everything is up in the air.
    • 6/20/15
      While some of the girls use teamwork for an online fashion contest, the twins have trouble making just the right cake for Strawberry's café.
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