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Street Figher II: V

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Street Fighter II: V is an animated series that follows the characters of popular video game Street Fighter II and its various updates. Focusing primarily on martial artists Ryu and Ken, the series follows the two as they journey around the world looking for opponents to hone their martial arts abilities after they both suffer a loss in a bar to Unites States Air Force Sergeant Guile. Fueled by their will to constantly improve, the duo encounter fighter after fighter from the video game, learning new techniques and engaging in intense combat. Before long, Ryu and Ken become entangled with a pair of crime syndicates, Ashura and Shadowlaw, the former led by series antagonist M. Bison. While the series only loosely follows the story of the game that inspired it, it is full of references to the characters, settings, and moves of its namesake. Created in Japan, the series ran for 29 episodes between April and November of 1995.