Street Fighter II V

TELETOON (ended 1995)


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  • I've seen this show on DVD, but I'm still sticking with the video game. I'm mor hooked on the game than this show.

    I play the video game of Street Fighter II on the Super NES, and I thought about watching this series to compare it with. Ryu and Ken are the two main characters in this Anime series which spun off the game itself. Sure, this show is action-packed. However, this show has several flaws:

    1. Some of the charactors don't look much like the ones in the game.
    2. The fights get more intense towards the end of the series.
    3. Some characters, like Blanca and Belrog, don't appear on this show.

    You must admit though, Chun Li is such a hotty. My favorite episode is the sixth one, where she goes shopping for some outfits in Hong Kong with Ryu and Ken.

    Rated TV-PG for occasional language and violence, Street Fighter II V is addictive enough to Anime fans, unlike me. The game is more addictive, so don't view the program too many times or you might want to be like Ryu, Ken, or any of the fighters.

    Chances are, they may think about broadcasting this show one day on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.
  • two friends become thrilled with street fighting so they go out on a mission to fight as many street fighters as they can to test their skills and learn some new ones on the way

    the world of street fighter is very colorful with many odd places.the characters r very colorful as well everything in this anime is very wild and fun.ryu and ken r very good main characters considering ryu is kinda out ther and ken is calm having them both play off each other greatly.also i thought the fighting in this anime was great!but jst good fighting doesnt make an anime good ther was also a great story as well.this was a very good short and sweet anime that was the perfect lenghth not so long it got boring but no too short making the story laking it was great.i highly recomend watching street fighter II V it was alot of fun to watch
  • They repeated scenes quite a bit, but the show was still very cool. The fight between Vega and Ken was truly excellent.

    "There was a Street Fighter anime?" I thought to myself when my sister had three Street Fighter DVDs in her hands; a Street Fighter movie and the complete first season of Street Fighter II: V. I watched the movie first; it was nothing special, and somewhat boring. A couple of weeks after that I started watching the anime. The theme song and opening was pretty lame... I would have preferred some Jpop or Jrock for the theme song over some sort of rockish song that's trying to be cool... and that opening sequence just went on and on... I was like, "When does the show start?". So the show started, and almost everyone's personalities were very suiting for their characters. The show had a few funny moments. There were quite a few cool fight scenes, and there was some pretty intense emotion a few times. When they introduced Vega... man, they did him perfectly. Vega and Ken's fight was pretty intense; the way how Vega stabbed his claws right into Ken's foot, and those brutal slashes he marked Ken's body with. I was hoping to see some of the Izuna Drops Vega does in the game, but then again the series used basically any special move as a huge deal. Who would have thought a simple Hadouken would be such an intense move? Anyhow, Vega and Ken's fight... That Shoryuken was beautifully executed. My main problem with the show was that they repeated scenes way too much... ESPECIALLY Ryu's practicing Hadou and Chun Li being hypnotised by Vega. Those things really interupted some important parts of the show, which was very annoying. Overall a great show though, definately worth watching.
  • Bring it back!!

    A good show.. alot of good eps, but i didnt like that there was only like 27 episodes. I thought the fights were pretty good, but i really enjoyed bison vs ryu and ken. Too bad they took it off of encore wam.. i always enjoyed watching this show at 4:30
  • The young ryu and ken set out to find all the street fighters in the world which turns into a battle for their lives. Along with chun-li, they must fight off the clutches of evil.

    Oh man what a great show and considering i am one of the biggest street fighter fans in the world, this show didn't dissappoint. It gives a great look into how ryu and ken started on their journey's and got so much power. I give this a perfect 10 for being my favorite anime series yet.
  • manga 1995 series, the early years of Ryu & Ken as they travel the globe. Learning of Fighting Styles And also of M.Bison .

    fanastic . i loved this, i used to buy the videos when i was 12 of this. the only critism would be the slight changes of the characters, e.g- sagat.. i also thought leaving out BLANKA was the most wrong thing ever. I guess that along with the public critism of these things made it a little unpopular, however overall it was a great series. the screenplay and voices are practically yummy. i'm still obessed with the opening of SFII V , straight away you know that this will excellant..
  • Excellent manga animation thats true to the streetfighter francise.

    Awesome shows, I wish they would have done more episodes since they missed out Blanka and E.Honda from the series, overall though, it was a pretty decent short mini-series, however I get the overall impression that they have made Ryu and Ken pretty

    Hopefully, they will eventually do a new series featuring all the streetfighter characters, past and present and up the ante by adding the super moves such as the super hado-ken.

    One thing that was funny, was Akuma popping up in many of the episodes, it was a funny to see him in bandages in one of the episodes, I guess its a inside joke..hehe
  • This is the best anime series i have ever seen! it starts with Ryu working ....

    Ryu is working in some island when suddenly he recives an invetation and a ticket to his multi billioner friend whice lives far from there.

    they start having fun around meeting someone and after that they make a tour in the world to find the best fights,
    all around there are lots of very interesting plot and the battles are just amazing .

    that is not all.. unlike most of the anime series this series acually is all of it acually realistic battles (except the hadou attack obcourse), they make all the hits that can be done in real life too.
    another thing that makes it more realistic is that the characters acually have muscles and are not tiny wimps like in most of the animes, that also makes sense now dosen't it?.

    Well this is my favorite anime ever , and few things are very unfortunate things in this
    series are: in the few last episodes of the series there is a major drop in the anime quality whice seriously destroys all the fun of watching it.
    another thing, this is way too short series only 29 episodes, i am sure they could do more.