Street Fighter: the Animated Series

A&E (ended 1995)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The World's Greatest Warrior
      Ken and Ryu receive an unexpected challenge from Akuma who threatens to steal their chi, if they lose. In order to prepare for the upcoming showdown with Akuma, Ryu and Ken begin training. However, Ryu suffers a devastating injury that decreases their chances of beating Akuma. Can the duo beat Akuma, or will they lose their chi?moreless
    • New Kind of Evil
      New Kind of Evil
      Episode 16
      Chun-Li is viciously attacked by mutants. After the attack, she realizes her crew is missing as well. Out of desperation, Chun-Li turns to Blanka and Guile to find out who attacked her and the location of her crew. Blanka and Guile search for the assailants and the missing people, but Blanka is injured during the process.moreless
    • Cammy and the Bachelor
      Cammy, Honda and Guile work with MI5 to investigate a recent crime spree in London. Everyone involved in the investigation believes Bison, Sodom and Birdie are behind the crime wave, but they can't prove it. During an intense confrontation between Cammy and Bison, Bison appears to have the upper hand, which forces Cammy to do things completely out of character for him.moreless
    • The Hammer Strikes
      The Hammer Strikes
      Episode 14
      Desperately in need of the Street Fighters help, Dhalsim manipulates them to visit him. Although Guile, T. Hawk, Sawada and Blanka are angry about the way they were summoned to Dhalsim's home, they agree to help him with his problem. Dhalsim is being terrorized by the Satin Hammer, and the Street Fighters must find a way to protect him.moreless
  • Season 1