Street Fighter

USA (ended 1996)




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Street Fighter

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Street Fighter USA (1995) Colonel William F. Guile, one of greatest martial artists in the world travels the Global Tournament Circuit. He uses it to concel his mission as leader of an elite group of international crimefighters, known only by their code name: Street Fighter! The Street Fighter heroes: Colonel William F. Guile: From the United States. Leader of the Street Fighter unit. After Bison had taken 63 Allied Nation relief workers hostage, and mutated his friend Captain Blanka into a hulking green beast, he successfully defeated Bison in personal combat. Now a freelancer, he continues to lead his team of Street Fighting mercenaries against crime and injustice. Captain Charlie Blanka: From Brazil. Guile's best friend who was horribly mutated into a muscle-bound mutant by Bison for the the purpose of creating a 'Perfect Genetic Soldier'. Chun-Li Zang: From China. A news reporter who, like Guile, carries a personal vendetta against Bison for the death of her father. Ken Masters: From the United States. A Shoto practioner who loves money and fame, and a taste for adventure. He often winds up getting Ryu and himself in trouble. Ryu Hoshi: From Japan. The cooler, more collected half of the two Shotos, Ryu is the voice of reason and looks for a more honorable side to the fight. E. Honda: From Japan. A former sumo fighter who is an expert on computers. He helps the team with anything technical. Dee Jay: From Jamaica. A musician/kickboxer who loves a good beat and smell of justice. He carries a vendetta against Zangief for making him lose his championship belt. Cammy: From England. A former AN lieutenant who remembers little about her past. T. Hawk: From Mexico. An American indian who has lost everything he's owned to criminals such as Bison. Fei Long: From Hong Kong. A martial arts movie star who is interested in learning about chi force and the way of the warrior. Dr. Dhalsim: From India. A former doctor responsible for Blanka's mutation. He has now turned his back on science and technology to live as a monk. Col. Sawada: From Japan. He took over as AN colonel after Guile's court martial and now leads the AN against Bison. The Shadaloo villains: General M. Bison: From Thailand. A warlord/drug dealer/psychopath/terrorist intent on world domination. Viktor Sagat: From Thailand. A gun runner who aids Bison in dealing arms. He plans to destroy Guile and Ryu personally. Zangief: From the U.S.S.R. A muscular wrestler who is loyal to Bison. Though not evil, Zangief is not the best at making judgemental decisions. Vega: From Spain. A vain and egotistic ninja/bullfighter who only does wrong with the request no harm comes to his face. Balrog: From the United States. A former boxer who now serves Bison as a computer technician. With the philosophy of 'Discipline, Justice, Commitment' at their knowledge, the Street Fighters can defeat evil wherever it will lurk!moreless