Street Fighter

Season 2 Episode 10

The Beast Within

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Feb 18, 1997 on USA

Episode Recap

Down in Brazil, Guile and Cindy are with the Inca tribe chief searching for Blanka. He, upon news from the chief, is searching for a mysterious plant with mystic healing powers. During his search, Blanka finds a boy using a sword to smash a sacred stone monument. The boy runs into the jungle and Blanka, sword in hand, is accused of vandalism. Blanka defends himself from the villagers but falls into a trap. Now captured, Blanka is to face punishment for a crime he did not commit. Guile and Cindy find Blanka and once they are seen with him, the villagers attack. The chief threatens Cindy if Guile is looking to cause trouble, and say Blanka is responsible for the damage they have been facing. Although Blanka swears innocence, he is sent upstream with the crocodiles. Guile frees Cindy and himself and go to save Blanka. Blanka is freed from the boat with aid from the crocodiles and is about to feed the chief to them himself. Once Guile stops him, the chief still holds his eye on Blanka when the boy throws a poisonous snake on the chief's neck. Guile is bitten before Blanka discards it. Blanka pursues the boy, leaving Cindy with the poisoned Guile. Cindy gets information about the plant, but is instructed not to go its location; it would anger the gods. Blanka finally corners the boy and blames him for his near death and the fact Guile is dying. The boy jumps into a pool of water, but cannot swim. The boy swears he meant no harm, but was seeking revenge on the tribe for the death of his parents. Once he saves the boy, he reveals he is an alien child who, with his parents, crashed in Brazil during a storm. They sought help from the local tribe, but were attacked. His parents wound up murdered and now holds a grudge on the tribe. Blanka tells the boy that like him, they must learn to control their rage. Cindy finds Blanka and tells him Guile is rapidly fading. The boy gives a leaf from the plant near his shuttle. Cindy feeds Guile the herbal medicine, and must escape once the tribe discovers they had entered the forbidden land. Cindy takes the boy with her while Blanka defends Guile. Cindy learns the truth about the boy, and hears a shuttle is coming to rescue him. He insists that he stay to avenge his parents, but Blanka tells him that it is better to continue with life. As he departs on his ship, the tribe leaves the heroes to burn. The healing plant is burned in the fire, but Blanka may have found a way, through the boy, to control his wrath. The fire burns the tribe's village as well, and the chief states his actions resulted in the loss of their village, and two casualties. Blanka vows to the chief he will never again yield to his rage.