Street Fighter

Season 1 Episode 8

The Medium Is The Message

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Dec 16, 1995 on USA

Episode Recap

After helping a kid accused of theft, Guile gets a call from Escher. He is called to help his buddies fight in the International Street Fighter tournament in India; some of the contestants may be Shadaloo agents. Bison has the hostage Doctor Krust, with knowledge of Dhalsim's genetic mutation on Blanka, create a new group of genetic mutants. This new trio is loyal only to Bison; the Street Fighter unit will now be crushed! As Ken and Ryu go to a temple to pay respects before they take part in joining Guile and his pals in the tournament...they are all unaware they are being watched on camera. Guile, Chun-Li and Blanka get their shot at fighting Bison's new beasts during the tournament, and Bison is thrilled to see them in action, and appear to be winning. Blanka discovers they are mutants, similar to the genetic experiments of Dhalsim. Guile and Chun-Li successfully bury the three in debris. Blanka gets the idea that someone else is carrying out Dhalsim's work. Enraged that his monsters were defeated, Bison has Balrog create a video tape depicting Guile and his team destroying the sacred temple, which is played on the overhead at the tournament, and become the subject of jeers. Knowing Bison is somehow responsible, Guile and the team pledge to stop him. Ken and Chun-Li cause a diversion while Guile and Blanka enter the spot Blanka claims he saw a strange light coming from. Inside, Blanka finds notes on Dhalsim's experiments when Dr. Kurst reveals himself, and claims Bison and Balrog have wired it to explode once they are out of range; the explosive is on his ankle! After Blanka gets it off, Guile takes the explosive and makes a mad dash to get rid of it. Dr. Kurst announces to the people of India he is a doctor who was held prisoner by Bison and the Street Fighters are heroes; the temple defiling was a fraud. After Guile succeeds in discarding the bomb, their records are clean and they are curious as to the next tournament fight.
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