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  • What do you get with a show that has a dogma of fast and furious, coupled with pimp my ride and a show personality that makes Xzibit look like a genuis? This show. And it sucks.

    There is a reason why a majority of shows that are like this show go straight to video. It's because it plays heavily on consumer ideals of those in the import car scene. HOWEVER, this show is a complete farce, in that the entire "show" over "go" pisses off a majority car tuners out there.

    First off the show host. Big C is crap. At best, he shows off "credibility" with his lines coming off a really bad BET influenced script. I will watch Pimp My Ride over this crap, just because Xzibit has personality and humor. Something this guy has practically none of. He's always boasting about bringing this show to the deep inner community of import tuning. But he isn't. He's just attending a shitload of car shows, and interviewing models or guys who place a lot of money into putting screens at the cost of $40,000+. That's not being a "real" tuner. That's just a kid who has a lot of money to spend.

    Secondly, when he is interviewing the models, there is such a huge amount friggin lust in his eyes that it's unbearable to watch him bust a nut in his pants. At times I had to switch the channel and watch the Speed Channel due to the fact that I couldn't stomach how this guy speaks to girls. He's not pimping shit, but you can tell the guy thinks he has a chance with them. It ain't gonna happen.

    Lastly, there isn't anything about the guys who legitly do a lot of performance modifications into their cars. For a lofty title like "street fury" there seems to be no emphasis on things that will increase the powerband of your car's engine, or maybe which performance tires work well with what, etc, etc.

    Big C is nothing but a poseur, and he admits that he has no standing knowledge about how to improve a car. To his eyes, a bodykit, a big muffler, and maybe a improved interior is what it takes. It's not. Anyone who watches this must really love how he boasts this or that. It's obvious that this is what the show is about... Boasting.

    And it lacks real credibility.
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