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G4 (ended 2006)





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  • "Street Fury" is almost unwatchable.

    Let's get things straight right off the bat: I love fast cars, I love beautiful women, and I fall directly within the age demographic that "Street Fury" is geared towards. This being the case, It would seem that I would be predestined to love the show.

    Granted, the program does have a plethora of cars and women, but in the end is brought down by the presence of its host, Carlton "Big C" Lewis. Mr. Lewis is so annoying, tasteless and ridiculous that any good qualities present in the show are eclipsed by his grating presence.

    You can't go thirty seconds of watching the show without the camera cutting over to a shot of the "Big C" as he yells into the lens spouting off uninteligable, high-speed commentary or a shot of him clumsily groping some nameless model while throwing a self-congratulatory smirk to the audience. Carlton, let's be honest: You're not a pimp, and She's not going to lay you, so please stop leering and get out of the way of the camera.

    Perhaps even more irritating is his complete lack of knowledge about anything to do with the mechanics and engineering of car modification. He only seems to be concerned with insanely expensive sound systems, shiny wheels, gaudy wings and ridiculous body kits and seems to have forgotten what really counts: modifications which improve performance. In essence "Big C"'s taste in cars reflects his overall persona: loud, flashy and superficial.

    In conclusion, If you want to showcase models and cars on a TV show I'm all for it. I just don't want some deranged crack-addict with cornrows and big sunglasses yelling in my face while I watch. For Christ's sake, Flava Flav would do a better job hosing this show.

    Pros: Cars and women
    Cons: "Big C"