Street Fury

G4 (ended 2006)





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  • Cars, Women, where were the video games?

    Street Fury helped begin the conversion of the G4 network from one specifically for video games to one fitting the general young male demographic. Having said that, I fit into that demographic.

    I watched it with curiosity just to see how far G4 had sunk. But I have to admit I did enjoy a few things on Street Fury as well as hated a few. And I learned a few things by watching it as well. To me I have a love/hate relationship with the show. Sure it degrades women at times (usually at the end of the episode) but the cars are fun to look at and learn about.

    The realistic approach Big C has to this show makes it worth watching. They kept in footage of him getting arrested and took part in a few illegal races. We got both sides of the story, so it was worth something in thoses cases.

    I will keep watching if only to learn a bit more about the culture and to see just how far Big C will go.