Street Hawk

ABC (ended 1985)


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    Whoever thinks they know about motorbikes better know this one.......
  • What a joy. As man and boy, loved the whole Street Hawk ethos, Lets have another series! Or perhaps even a film!

    What a joy.
    Loved the whole Street Hawk thing,
    Just bought it on dvd as a 28 year old alpha male,
    reliving the days as an 8 year old watching this as a kid with an active imagination - thought it was superb! Far better than Knight Rider, who managed to get all the breaks, as Airwolf an the A team and all its other counter-parts.
    What I'm really after, is a new series, or, perhaps, a motion picture. Why not?
    We've endured tacky remakes of Knight Rider, a new series of Battlestar Galactica, an remakes of Miami Vice.
    Why the hell not - as a kid, and as a man, I love the whole Street Hawk ethos. With only 13 episodes, i feel short-changed!
    Lets have a new series, or a film, with the original crew in as cameo role extras - come, join the revolution and make it happen!!
  • A two wheeled knight rider with machine guns! It's an eight year old's dream (in 1985). This show was a big hit in Italy (we like to ride motorbikes there). It only gets a grade over 5, because I was 7 years old when it was on.

    I guess this is another one of those shows that came and went, but somehow left an impression. Perhaps this is because most of us saw these shows in our most important formative years when we were easily impressionable. Another thing I noticed about shows like this (and Automan, Manimal, or Otherworld) was that apparently the producers really didn't care if the actors could act or not. Then again, it seems the writers didn't really care about plot much either. In any case this show is a great companion to Knight Rider, Airwolf, Automan and of course, Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang.
  • Oh, how I wish Street Hawk would have had a longer run.

    This was one of the great 1980's action shows. In the 80's we TV fans seemed to have an obsession with super vehicles. There was Airwolf for fans of helicopters, Knight Rider for car fans and Street Hawk for motorcycle fans.

    I've rode motorcycles on only a few occasions and I think they're great-they really get the adrenaline going. So when I watched Street Hawk I was quite excited. It was just as good as Knight Rider. The hero was one of those moralistic 80's guys. His name was Jesse Mach and his motorcycle was really hi-tech. I'll never forget the scenes where Street Hawk is speeding down the freeways to battle evil. I think this series had the potential to be as successful as Knight Rider but we were not so lucky.
  • A motorbike riding vigilante who made sure criminals got what they deserved.

    This classic 80's show is one of my ultimate favourite tv-shows. I'll never forget the endless hours I spent glued to the tv-screen, each night the show aired.

    I always felt envy, since I didn't have a bike like that my self...

    With cool accessories, it was the ultimate highway patrol machine. I even ended up comparing StreetHawk with Knight Rider at one point...

    Who would win, KITT or the StreetHawk?....
    Car vs. bike...

    And the hyper speeds the bike could just blew my mind away.....and watching this show as a kid left lots of memories, which still today feel very fresh, looking back 20 years...

    Who wouldn't want to be StreetHawk? Riding a bike over 300mph..... that's some pretty greasy speed...
  • Hi tech motor cycle caper.

    This was a really good when it came out. It maybe old now, but at the time it was a very intriguing show to watch. The stories were a traditional cop drama mixed with hi tech wizardry. An exciting premise to watch, each episode delivers. I'm just waiting for streethawk to appear each episode. This is a very good show, very entertaining to watch. This show could be remade into a movie since it's premise is very unique and it wasn't duplicate yet. This is kinda like a knight rider except that the motorcyle doesn't talk. It's a very fun show to watch, I recommend it.
  • knight rider on two wheels

    i do not understand how this show ever got made. it was basically a knight rider rip off. as if that show was not corny enough, the had to try it with a motorcylce. at least the stupid thing did not talk. i was not surprised when this lump of manure was cancelled.
  • A show about an attack motorcycle.

    A show about an attack motorcycle. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you.