Street Justice

(ended 1993)


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Street Justice

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Filmed in British Columbia and set in an unnamed city in the pacific northwest, the show revolves around a metropolitan police detective, Adam Beaudreaux, and his long-time friend, martial arts expert Grady Jameson. As a child, Grady had saved Beaudreaux's life in Vietnam, and after the two were separated, Beaudreaux had spent twenty years searching for Grady, until Grady found him. Beaudreaux soon got Grady a job at Malloy's, a local bar he ran with a good friend of his. Malloy was the daughter of Adam's old partner, Dennis, who died in a shoot-out gone bad. From time to time, they are joined by Miguel Mendez, a former gang-banger who is trying to turn his life around. Minor characters include Lt. Charlie Pine, who is Beaudreaux's supervising officer and a good friend, Paul Schuham, a cop who is in love with a fellow officer and dies in the line of duty early on in the second season, Tricia Kelsey, an officer who was heartbroken after the death of her partner and lover, and Eric Rothman, a rich kid turned cop who joined partway through the second season. While some of the actors may have been well-known in the late eighties, early nineties, or in Canada, where most of them were from, it was Eric McCormack who emerged as the most famous graduate of Street Justice. It is perhaps McCormack's role that keeps this series alive among fans today.
In addition to English, the series has been dubbed into Japanese, German, and Italian as well (possibly other languages, too). In the dubbed Italian version, the character of Adam Beaudreaux was voiced by Stefano Carraro, Grady Jamieson was voiced by Valerio Sacco, Malloy was voiced by Beatrice Margiotti, and Lt. Charlie Pine was voiced by Vittorio Battarra.moreless