Street Justice - Season 1

(ended 1993)


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Episode Guide

  • Missing
    Episode 22
    When a woman named Lan comes looking for Adam's help in finding her missing husband, Adam refuses at first, because she reminds him of a former love, Mei. Adam finally agrees to help her, and offers Old Kim a truce of sorts.
  • Catcher
    Episode 21
    Adam's former partner shows up, now working as a skip tracer. She takes the case of a man trying to regain custody of his daughter, who just happens to live with friends of Adam's.
  • The Long Way Home
    The Long Way Home
    Episode 20
    Charlie is having a hard time of it, especially once his wife leaves him. Everyone is pressuring him to take stress leave, but it's not until after he loses his cool on the job that he is forced to take some time off...even though he insists on being kept informed of what's going on around him.moreless
  • Eye Witness
    Eye Witness
    Episode 19
    When Malloy witnesses a mob killing, she is reluctant to testify, because she knows that if she does, her life as she knows it will never be the same.
  • Bad Choices
    Bad Choices
    Episode 18
    Teddy has been using Old Kim's help in sneaking Vietnamese immigrants into the country, not realising he was using them to smuggle in heroin until Old Kim frames him for drug trafficking.
  • Debt Of Honor
    Debt Of Honor
    Episode 17
    Grady gets himself arrested to help his old friend, Gary, after he ends up in jail, having been arrested for armed robbery. Although Gary admits to having pulled a number of robberies, he swears he's innocent of the one he has been imprisoned for.
  • Backbeat
    Episode 16
    Grady meets pop star Gabrielle in a shop and foils an attempted robbery. Gabrielle hires him to be one of her bodyguards. Adam tells Grady he doesn't trust her and not to get involved, but Grady doesn't listen. After Grady has left to tour with her, Adam is assigned to investigate her for money laundering.moreless
  • Protectors
    Episode 15
    When two masked men rob Malloy's, Adam soon grows suspicious of former armed robber Emmett Wilson, who now runs the security firm everyone is rushing to hire.
  • Partner In Crime
    Partner In Crime
    Episode 14
    Adam falls in love with his new partner, Lynn, but learns that she isn't quite what she seems when she starts asking a lot of questions, not only about Adam, but about Dennis Malloy as well.
  • Parenthood
    Episode 13
    Miguel's mother comes to Adam seeking sanctuary for herself and her younger son, Fernando, prompting Miguel to seek sanctuary at Grady's, because his memories of his childhood aren't good. It turns out that a local criminal is after Carmen.
  • Homecoming
    Episode 12
    Grady is upset when Adam takes custody of Miguel Mendez, considering Miguel tried to kill him. When Miguel's best friend Luis is shot and killed, Grady, Adam, and Willis all have to talk him out of taking the law into his own hands.
  • Bashing
    Episode 11
    Malloy's brother comes to town looking forward to a birthday celebration, but is beaten to death by a group of young hoods just because he is gay.
  • Self Defense
    Self Defense
    Episode 10
    Malloy's friend Lisa is being abused by her husband, but is relucant to leave him. When Adam taunts Doug in a bar ('you don't have the guts to do this to a man', etc), Doug claims Adam assaulted him.
  • Friendly Fire
    Friendly Fire
    Episode 9
    When a young robbery suspect dies in a friendly fire incident, fellow cop James Halloran claims Adam fired the bullet that killed him, and Adam has to prove not only his innocent, but also Halloran's guilt.
  • The Group
    The Group
    Episode 8
    When young Asian women are being murdered, Adam believes that it is the work of one of the newer members of the Vietnam Veterans group, and has to fight not only to find a killer, but also to keep his friendship with Teddy.
  • Sanctuary
    Episode 7
    Grady rescues a beautiful young woman from the New Dutch Indies when he realises that her 'caretakers' are abusing her. When her caretakers charge her with stealing, Adam needs to find her and Grady to keep them safe.
  • Shadows
    Episode 6
    When Chase and then Traynor end up dead, the police put Adam in protective custody, believing the Shadow Dragons are behind it all. Teddy and Grady lead Adam to Old Kim, and Grady and Adam make it clear to Old Kim that if he doesn't leave Adam alone, his life of crime is over.moreless
  • Tables Turned
    Tables Turned
    Episode 5
    Adam is furious when attorney Victoria Langford manages to get suspected rapist Jack Walker acquitted because his identification of the man was suspect, then finds the situation turning around when Victoria comes to him looking for help, believing that Jack is stalking her. Beaudreaux convinces Grady to help him out with keeping an eye on Victoria, but things go from bad to worse when Walker catches him.moreless
  • Kid Stuff
    Kid Stuff
    Episode 4
    Grady's girlfriend Jennifer asks for Grady's help in kidnapping her son, whom she believes it being abused by his adoptive parents. Grady goes to Beaudreaux, who warns him how difficult it will be to prove that the Turners are abusing Joey. Beaudreaux agrees to look into it, and is more concerned than ever after talking to Joey's teacher, but a lack of proof pushes both Grady and Jennifer to take matters into their own hands. Beaudreaux realises that Grady is helping Joey as a way to deal with his own past as an abused child in Da Nang, and pushes Pine to let him make the case.moreless
  • Loyalties
    Episode 3
    Inez Valens, worried about her daughter Cristina's association with the leader of the K Street gang, asks Adam to talk to her. When Cristina is left holding the gun after a member of the rival Quatro gang is shot and killed, Beaudreaux tries to convince Cristina that her loyalty to Miguel Mendez will only cause her trouble. Meanwhile, Grady gets into it with 'Loco' Luis Gomez, one of Miguel's soldiers in the K Street gang.moreless
  • Legacy (2)
    Legacy (2)
    Episode 2
    Adam gets Grady a job at Malloy's, and soon learns that Grady tracked him down because he was looking for Hardin...Hardin told the VietCong that his parents were CIA agents, which is how they ended up dead. Grady then disappears, and not only are Adam and Teddy looking for him, so is Hardin. Adam shows up at Chan's dojo and patches things up with Grady just in time for Hardin to show up. Grady's hopes of getting vengeance are squashed when (after managing to live through an explosing car), Hardin is run down by another car.moreless
  • Legacy (1)
    Legacy (1)
    Episode 1
    Hardin is a hired killer for Frank Loper, until Beaudreaux manages to stop him in his tracks. The D.A. tries to make a deal with Hardin in exchange for his testimony against Loper, and assigns Beaudreaux to protect him. Adam enlists the help of his friend Ted Willis to help him find Grady Jameson, a young boy who saved his life many years ago. He thinks he's finally on the right track when Hardin escapes.moreless