Street Legal (2000)

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  • Season 4
    • Loyal
      Episode 13
      While David wants to give the Roberts document with the goods on Finch to the police, Joni forbids him to do it and warns him that both their lives are at stake. Rory Melville suspects the Fists are going to use Maddy to get to Finch and pleads with Maddy to keep away from Finch. She ignores him. Meanwhile, a distraught Yalena asks David for help.moreless
    • A Finch in the Hand
      David and Joni realize that Finch came to them because he knew Barry Roberts was going to die. How did Finch know that if he didn't kill Roberts himself? Joni's rape case gets more mysterious when both twins declare their hatred for each other.
    • A Girl Like Alice
      A Girl Like Alice
      Episode 11
      Ange needs to put a face to the voice she's heard on the surveillance tape and pulls Finch's car over. Ange stares at the man she knows killed Alby, the man who might be behind the speed ring... and can do nothing other than ask for his license. Joni's still struggling to come to terms with her separation from Kees. Against David's advice, Joni takes on a sensitive and confusing rape case involving identical twins.moreless
    • Devil In Disguise
      Devil In Disguise
      Episode 10
      Kees and Ange are searching for the identification of the 'Mr Big' responsible for the methamphetamine ring. Meanwhile David and Joni are curious as to who might be pulling the strings behind the scenes to get them clients like Roberts and Billy, who both seem to have connections to the meth ring. Ange feels that Joni's client, (Barry Roberts), feels more like middle management, not someone the Fists of Freedom gang would take orders from. They decide to release Roberts to see where he'll lead them. Roberts goes straight to Rory Melville.moreless
    • Officer Down (Part 3)
      Kees asks Ange to turn a blind eye to the beating he gave to a young prisoner named Billy. Ange refuses and orders him to go home. Billy confesses to her that he shot Mike Butterworth. David receives a call from a person claiming to be Billy's uncle, and asks him to be his defense lawyer. Billy won't tell David who beat him, but when he is clearly afraid Kees might return, David realizes the awful truth and files a complaint against Kees.moreless
    • Officer Down (Part 2)
      Convinced Barry Roberts is the cop killer, Kees pleads with Joni not to represent him. David asks Matt and Kees who's tipping off the media in his hit and run case. After running from an AA meeting, Adie drinks and drives again. This time she hits something and is thrown into panic when she hears on the news that a homeless man has been injured and she sees blood on her car.moreless
    • Officer Down (Part 1)
      Adie, is stopped for drunk driving, by Ange Watson of all people. Adie tries to use her position as a judge to get off the charge. Joni tells Adie she has a drinking problem, but she denies it. A businessman, Barry Roberts, reports his car stolen. It's the one driven by the gang members who shot Mike Butterworth and was later found to contain traces of methamphetamine. Kees, determined to find who killed Mike, senses something suspicious about Roberts and vows to get him.moreless
    • Juice (Part 3)
      Juice (Part 3)
      Episode 6
      Ange, undercover to investigate Mr Big's drug ring through Alby, is in the League star's hotel when Mr Big arrives himself. He tells Alby not to trust her, but Ange allays the star's doubts by seducing him. David is waylaid by Alby, who demands that he protect Tomas, but refuses to discuss his own affairs with Mr Big, leaving David no choice but to cooperate with Kees.moreless
    • Juice (Part 2)
      Juice (Part 2)
      Episode 5
      While keeping an eye on The Endorphin Club, Kees sees the League star Alby with an unknown woman, and thinks that she must be selling him drugs. He attempts a sting with her, tries to score some P, and learns that she's actually an undercover cop as well. At the firm, David's client Tomas, the brother of Alby, wants David to defend him when he's charged with taking steroids.moreless
    • Juice (Part 1)
      Juice (Part 1)
      Episode 4
      Joni, feeling like she has to prove she can be tough as nails, puts Wendy on the stand as a hostile witness. Wendy is hammered on her past relationship with Rory Melville and doesn't flinch, but when cross-examined by Maddy, Wendy loses it, and Joni fears her case is lost. Meanwhile, tension grows between Kees and Matt when Kees has doubts about Matt approach to a new investigation and is exiled to do a stakeout of a known drug venue, The Endorphin Club.moreless
    • Blast From The Past (Part 3)
      Matt has Charlie Clark put back in prison, and this leads to a new opportunity for him with the police. And the offer couldn't have come at a better time- David finally works up the nerve to fire him, but Matt resigns first. And Joni has a new client Wendy who is being sued for libel by the firm's old nemesis Rory Melville after she claims, unsurprisingly, that he has sexually harrassed her.moreless
    • Blast From The Past (Part 2)
      Joni stalls with Adie about firing Matt, but leaves David to do the real dirty work. David's conscience gets the better of him, so he instead tries to convince Matt to tell the police everything he knows about the car-bomber. Meanwhile, the District Commissioner offers Kees a promotion, but he's not sure whether to accept it, since it would mean leaving the streets for a desk job. But Joni is thrilled with the idea of Kees working regular hours, since it will give them more time together.moreless
    • Blast From The Past (Part 1)
      The firm is in trouble financially, and Joni has no alternative but to go to Adie and ask for a loan, or they'll lose the firm. As another cost saving measure, Joni demands that David fire Matt, but David is reluctant, especially after Matt's car is blown up, though fortunately Matt wasn't in it at the time. Matt claims to be ignorant as to who would want him dead, but James has his suspicions that Matt's lying to protect someone.moreless
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