Street Legal (2000) - Season 1

TVNZ (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Retribution
    Episode 14
    There's yet another gang murder (the third, including two from the previous episode), causing confusion and concern for David. Joni is also indirectly involved with the case, when she represents two children of a gang member in a custody hearing. Dean Stirling might have some answers, but the clues he's sending David are too cryptic. Will they be able to find out what's going on before more people die? nd if so, can they stop it?moreless
  • Offside
    Episode 13
    David does everything he can to help ex-rugby star Buzz Hamer get his life together when his boozing gets him into some serious trouble. Meanwhile, Joni is confused when Kees seems to want to pull back from their growing relationship.
  • Brother's Keeper
    Brother's Keeper
    Episode 12
    David's brother Samson is the victim of a deliberate hit and run which David witnesses. David tries to discover who would want his brother dead, and Kees gives him an answer he doesn't want to hear- he's been selling stolen car parts. Can David find out who the driver actually intended to hit before Kees puts Samson away from receiving stolen property at his car shop?moreless
  • Rest In Peace
    Rest In Peace
    Episode 11
    When David sees Carol, the wife of his old friend Mike Gower, meeting with Joni, something doesn't seem right. But things become even more serious than he feared when Carol is found dead later that evening, and Mike is accused of murdering her.
  • Possesion Is Ten Tenths of the Law
    Adie tries to help an old friend who is accused of stealing a valuable vase from her ex-husband's home. David agrees to defend her, but when things don't add up, he begins to think she might be guilty.
  • Dangerous Waters
    Dangerous Waters
    Episode 9
    Joni and Tim find themselves on opposite sides when they are asked to look into a case of property rights when Barry, a wealthy man goes into a coma after a boating accident. Joni supports Lily, the fiance, but Tim sides with Muzz, Barry's chief employee, in the battle to take control of his company. Could one of them have been responsible for the man's coma? And if so, are they a danger to Tim and Joni?moreless
  • The Boxer
    The Boxer
    Episode 8
    David tries to help a young Tongan man who is about to be deported. A wealthy patron is anxious to help Sunny stay if he will become a pro boxer, but Sunny wants to be a sculptor. Meanwhile, Joni found out something about Mark she doesn't like, so will she turn to Kees?moreless
  • Provocation
    Episode 7

    Dean Stirling, the man who killed a gang member in revenge for the murder of his wife and child in "Who Lives By The Sword", is now on trial. But Dean is too depressed to give David and Tim any help on his own behalf, and their defense becomes desperate. Will Dean takes matters out of their hands for good?

  • E Is For Exit
    E Is For Exit
    Episode 6
    When Sandy, a friend of Melanie's collapses while they are at a party, Det Van Dam starts investigating how a girl who is said to be a teetotaling fitness freak could have had an overdose of amphetamines. Kees investigates Mel's friend Freddo, but soon the trail leads away from him to Sandy's trainer.moreless
  • In The Name of the Son
    David takes a controversial stand when he defends a family's right to refuse medical attention for their terminally ill child.
  • Who Lives By The Sword
    Samson and a young mother witness a robbery and murder committed by a gang. When the shooter is arrested, David is assigned to defend him. But before the trial is completed, the young mother is identified by the press, making her a target for the revenge of the rest of the gang members.moreless
  • Heroin Chic
    Heroin Chic
    Episode 3
    It's David to the rescue when a young country boy is accused of drug possession. He finds him a place to live and a job with his brother Samson after his release, and then begins investigating the club where the young man says he had visited in order to find his sister, a model who is has been turned into a junkie by her manager. He enlists the help of Melanie, who takes matters into her own hands when she sees some girls like herself being badly treated, and Joni, who wins the admiration of Det Van Dam when she tries to convince him to go after the abusive manager.moreless
  • Ellis's Restaurant
    Ellis's Restaurant
    Episode 2
    David is having a very bad day. First it's David's case defending Lachie, ex-junkie, who is up on a charges for drug possession. He doesn't have much hope of winning since it's Lachie's word against Det Kees Van Dam, an old rival of David's, so he instead tries to pull a fast one. Unfortunately, the Judge sees through his tactic and threatens to report him to the law society. And then, when David returns home he discovers his prized motorcycle has been stolen. He and his brother Samson visit Ellis, who has since bought the bike from the thief, and after some argument, reluctantly agrees to finger his source.moreless
  • Hit And Run (Pilot)
    When newly graduated lawyer Tim O'Connor arrives in town on his motorbike he's mistaken for an agitator at a demonstration which is in progress at the courthouse. He's arrested and taken to Police HQ where he pleads his innocence. David Silesi, a criminal lawyer at the firm Tim is to start work for that day, is there and meets him for the first time. Once Tim's released, David asks him to defend a client on a traffic offense while he attends the funeral of a hit-and-run victim. Tim gives it his best, and the Judge, sensing his total lack of experience, winds up defending the case for him. Meanwhile, David gets into trouble of his own, when his infidelity causes Joni to move out of their house.moreless