Street Legal

CBC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • The Long and Winding Road
      When Olivia discovers Arthur Locke has joined the AIDS Task Force only to further his political career, she vows to force him off the committee. Leon's win in the miners' case brings both stability and questions; Paul Desmond faces a sexual harassment charge. Chuck tries to get back with Olivia, but winds up heading for Vancouver.moreless
    • No Holds Barred
      No Holds Barred
      Episode 17
      Chuck's and Leon's tempers flare in open court as the battle over the Hellbrum case heats up to the final verdict. Leon loses his star witness; Olivia meets an old enemy on an AIDS task force she may join; Alana makes a controversial speech.
    • The Morning After
      The Morning After
      Episode 16
      Leon and Rob concentrate on the miners' case; Alana makes an unusual ruling in a child custody case.
    • Crossroads
      Episode 15
      Olivia fights a lawyer who denied a woman partnership in his firm; Leon gains ground in the miners' case. BRT & Assosiates vote in favor of taking the Hellbrum case and Chuck resigns.
    • Persons Living or Dead
      Leon becomes passionately involved in the Hellbrum mining case when he is convinced that management neglect caused the death of 14 miners. Laura defends Rob's cousin, an officer accused of assaulting a prostitute. Chuck worries about the firm. Olivia helps a jounalist get his stolen property back from the police.
    • The Firm
      The Firm
      Episode 13
      Olivia represents a woman journalist denied a news anchor position; Leon defends survivors of a mine disaster; Chuck's plans for the firm are rejected
    • Fair Is Foul
      Fair Is Foul
      Episode 12
      In a final act of desperation, abused wife Joan Millman kills her husband. Leon asks Chuck to defend her; Alana and Leon need professional help for Ben.
    • The Cost of Love
      The Cost of Love
      Episode 11
      Leon takes the case of a woman terrorized by her husband; Rob handles a heated real-estate dispute. Laura comes back to work. Paul apologizes to Alana. Theo comes to Rob looking for business advice. The RCMP is asking questions about Jack Driscoll. Chuck gives Olivia an emerald he brought from Brazil for her wedding ring and tells her he's opened a $50,000 account in the Caymans with money Jack Driscoll gave him.moreless
    • Feared by the Bad, Loved by the Good
      A cross-border cigarette smuggler accused of murder claims he's been set up by police. Chuck goes to his defense... for the right price.
    • Do the Right Thing
      Olivia loses her talk show job in a scuffle with the network when she represents a television journalist who refuses to name his source.
    • Truth, Lies and Consequences
      Chuck defends a stockbroker accused of being a pimp; Ben moves in with Leon and Alana; Malony visits Laura in the hospital. Rob's client, Pauline, is accused of stealing her former boss' clients; Olivia appears on a morning show and is offered a permanent spot.
    • What's Love Got to Do With It?
      Malony's continued interference in the Adam Ruskin case leads to violence, and Laura is put in serious danger.
    • Fit Punishment
      Fit Punishment
      Episode 6
      Laura takes the parole case of child molester Adam Ruskin. Malony, meanwhile, is working overtime to prevent Ruskin's release.
    • Black and White in Color
      Leon fights for Iona Davis, a nurse who claims she was passed up for promotion because of racism on the part of her supervisor.
    • But Not Forgotten
      Laura takes the case of a fifteen year old boy accused of murdering his abusive mother, as Alana presides. Rob's relationship with his client prove to be more difficult than he expected. Leon is approached by the Human Rights Commission to be adjudicator. Jack Driscoll questions Chuck about his professional ethics. Leon and Alana consider adopting an older child. Valerie Sanducci starts working in the office.moreless
    • Truth Or Dare
      Truth Or Dare
      Episode 3
      Olivia and Laura are hot in competition, each scrambling to beat the other's earnings.
    • Hasta La Vista
      Hasta La Vista
      Episode 2
      Eva Paredes' testimony exonerates Leon, and his disbarment is revoked.
    • Strictly Business
      Chuck and Olivia are returning from their honeymoon to a crazily busy office. Leon was desperately trying to find Eva but wasn't succeeding. Laura expresses her frustration by confronting Olivia about her contribution to the firm. And Olivia takes their competition to a next level by proposing that whoever doesn't make $60,000 in three month has to leave the firm. Leon is in luck because Eva makes her way to Toronto and gives him hope to be reinstated to the bar.moreless
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