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    Welcome to the Street Legal forum at Please take a moment to read over the Community Terms of Service to familiarise yourself with the guidelines for the forums.

    That said, please keep a few things in mind when posting in the forums.

    1. Copying and pasting information from another site is a violation of guidelines. If there is an important article that you want to let other readers know about, please provide a link to the article (one link is okay as per the guidelines) and then it can be discussed in the forums. On that same note, links (or posts) offering episode downloads or tape trading are also a violation of the guidelines.

    2. There are specific forums at for TV Show Fun & Games and Off-Topic posts. Please use those two forums for posts that fit into those categories.

    3. Please do not post fan fiction in the forum, and please do not link to it. There is a time and place for fan fiction, but please don't link to it or post it on the board. If you write fan fiction or want other people to read your fan fiction, that information can be posted in your blog, or can be discussed privately in the PM system.

    4. Please be nice to each other. has rules against insulting posts and flaming other users. If someone makes a crass comment or says something that violates the guidelines, responding in kind can end up in you getting in trouble. Use the 'Report Abuse to Moderator' function to advise a moderator that there is a problem rather than responding to the post. Incidentally, severe cast/crew bashing is also against the guidelines.

    If you have any questions about forum posts or need clarification on the guidelines, please do not ask those questions on the board -- send a PM.

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