Street Legal

Season 8 Episode 17

No Holds Barred

Aired Unknown Feb 11, 1994 on CBC

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  • Alana makes a convocation speech which could lead to her removal from the bench. The slippery Arthur Locke is made chair of the AIDS task force that Olivia joins. Olivia helps Leon gather evidence which could lead to Chucks\'s downfall in court.

    Great episode! Leon and Chuck go at it as the tension that built up between them throughout the season is released. This isn\'t just a big case, it\'s personal! Leon accuses Chuck of advising a witness to perjure himself in open court and Chuck then says then insults Leon by saying he should work on his cross- examination skills. Alana makes a controversial convocation speech which gets unanimous applause, but angers the judicial bench. Alana\'s chief judge warns that \"a judicial review has been suggested\" and could be impending. Olivia joins an AIDS task force only to find out that her long time adversary Arthur Locke is the chairman. Olivia finds Jack Driscoll\'s lawyer\'s (Spencer Garvey) legal secretary (Eleanor Perry) who testifies that Driscoll owned 30 percent of shield technologies and wanted the Hellburn mine to be opened early so that he could show the system to a Korean company in order to get 30 percent of the money that the company would pay Shield for its systems. Chuck makes a brilliant, but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to discredit Perry. The Judge finds in favor of the Leon\'s side the Hellburn miners.
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