Street Legal - Season 1

CBC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • Tango Bellarosa
    Tango Bellarosa
    Episode 6
    A young singer asks for Carrie's help in applying for landed immigrant status. Mercedes is shocked when she realises the immigration official is the same man who interrogated and tortured her in Brazil, and was responsible for the deaths of her husband and sister.
  • Matter of Honour
    Matter of Honour
    Episode 5
    Chuck represents an emotionally disturbed 12-year-old boy who has been charged with the murder of his new stepfather and who several years before witnessed the suspicious accidental death of his father.
  • Sting Like a Butterfly
    Desperate to add some excitement to his life, Chuck decides to abandon his practice and back the comeback of an aging boxer, but his lack of experience creates problems for both of them.
  • A Little Knowledge
    A Little Knowledge
    Episode 3
    Carrie represents a prominient businessman against a charge of murdering his wife, but slowly learns the truth behind his motives for hiring her.
  • Even Lawyers Sing the Blues
    When Leon runs into an old flame from his days as a radical student, the two picks things up where they left off, and Leon is surprised to learn who the father of her daughter is. Carrie and Chuck fight to keep the firm in existance.
  • Birds of a Feather
    Birds of a Feather
    Episode 1
    After Ted Barr quits the firm, Chuck, Leon, and Carrie have to try to hold the law practice together as Carrie and Ted head towards divorce.