Street Legal - Season 2

CBC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • I'll Be Home for Christmas
    Leon defends an elderly client accused of destroying a beautiful Christmas display. Jean Marc tells Carrie he's going to Montreal for Christmas to be with his family. Lisa and Chuck's son, Adam, is born.
  • Romeo and Carol
    Romeo and Carol
    Episode 12
    Leon takes the case of Jimmy and Carol, a young mentally-handicapped couple who want to live together despite her mother's preventing them from even seeing each other.
  • Gold Rush
    Gold Rush
    Episode 11
    Chuck manoeuvres his way into becoming president of a gold mining company, but after recklessly mortgaging his home to raise funds, he learns a prospector is making a claim on the company's most promising strike.
  • Take My Jokes, Please
    In a divorce case, Leon represents a stand- up comedian who is countersuing his wife for loss of humour.
  • Lost and Lonely Hearts
    Chuck's client, Monica Zubrekas, is suing the Lost and Lonely Hearts Club for setting her up on a less than desirable blind date, seeking damages against the business.
  • Fever of the Blood
    Fever of the Blood
    Episode 8
    Leon represents a doctor who has been charged with negligence in the death of a young girl during a routine operation.
  • Judgment Call
    Judgment Call
    Episode 7
    Carrie is distraught when a problem client commits suicide, and her confident demeanor crumbles in the face of mounting work pressure.
  • Just One Kiss
    Just One Kiss
    Episode 6
    Chuck is taken to trial over an incident in a young woman's hotel room...she claims that they slept together, he claims she kissed him and he turned her down. Carrie finally comes clean about her relationship with Jean-Marc to her co-workers.
  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Mr. Nice Guy
    Episode 5
    Carrie represents a man upset with the witness protection program. [1987]
  • Assault
    Episode 4
    Carrie has trouble getting her life together after the husband who is charged with beating a client of hers attacks her at the office and she has to testify against him in court. Leon makes friends with a young Jamaican boy named Rollie and ends up learning a lot from him.moreless
  • Desperate Alibi
    Desperate Alibi
    Episode 3
    Chuck agrees to defend his friend's teenaged son who is charged in a brutal gang beating of a gay man, but the youth refuses to giev the names of the others who were involved in the attack.
  • Star Struck
    Star Struck
    Episode 2
    Leon's client not only opposes the Star Wars research program, but when she learns her husband is trying to sell her medical research program to an American company, fights to get it back. Chuck and Lisa are thrilled when they find out that she's pregnant.
  • Baby Talk
    Baby Talk
    Episode 1
    Carrie agrees to represent Julia McDonald when McDonald changes her mind about giving up the child she's carrying to the child's father, John Corbett, and his wife, Miriam. Carrie soon realises she's taken on more than she can handle when Julia turns out to be more than a little unstable, and when her ace in the hole, Julia's financially secure boyfriend Chris, turns out to be a young woman with a chip on her shoulder, Carrie isn't sure she will be able to successfully prove that the two young lesbians will be a better parental unit than John and Miriam. Lisa and Chuck are planning to have children, but when he finds out she's taking birth control, he gets angry first and asks questions later.moreless