Street Legal - Season 3

CBC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • World-Class City
    World-Class City
    Episode 19
    Tensions between Leon and Chuck esculate when they learn they are representing opposing sides in a land-development dispute.
  • Conflict of Interest
    Chuck's latest get-rich-quick scheme ends disasrrously when he is accused of conflict of interest and charged with fraud over a shady business deal. Olivia and Gloria expose a puppymill.
  • Slipping Through the Cracks
    Carrie defends her young cousin Ricky Palmer twice before learning that he has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.
  • In Search Of A Dream
    Leon represents Ryan Lewis in an official-guardian case that calls into question the ancient Ojibway ritual of Dreamquest.
  • Beauties and Beasts
    Beauties and Beasts
    Episode 15
    Chuck becomes emotionally involved when he represents Angeline Chante, a 15-year-old model suing her mother. Leon helps a woman enforce her sister's living will. Olivia tells Carrie that she and Chuck are lovers.
  • Brotherhoods
    Episode 14
    Carrie finally gets to meeet Nick's mother but suddenly she and Nick face the end of their relationship when Carrie proves that Mario Pestano, a father figure to Nick, is a corrupt cop.
  • Principles
    Episode 13
    Chuck and Olivia try to help a young Mennonite who's been swindled out of five million dollars, but face stiff opposition from the con man's lawyer and the Mennonite community itself. Leon's defiance over the treatment of the homeless lands him in jail.
  • Basketball Story
    Basketball Story
    Episode 12
    Carrie's client Wendel "Sky" Walker is a talented basketball star who may lose his college scholarship and a chance at the NBA as a result of a drug charge. Leon negotiates custody of a violin in a divorce settlement. Sparks fly between Chuck and Olivia as they represent a computer programer.moreless
  • Cat and Mouse
    Cat and Mouse
    Episode 11
    As a challenge to each other, Olivia and Carrie swap cases to see if they can handle the types of cases the other usually handles. The results aren't what either one expected.
  • Equal Partners
    Equal Partners
    Episode 10
    When Leon represents an old friend with AIDS in a divorce case, he expects the worst, but not from his partners. While his wife is out of town,Chuck asks Olivia out for a dinner, but at the end she gets an unexpected brush off. When Lisa returns, her and Chuck settle on trial separation.moreless
  • Act of Silence
    Act of Silence
    Episode 9
    Carrie struggles with her personal and legal ethics while defending an unbalanced religious fanatic charged with murdering a prositute.
  • Whose Woods are These
    Conspiracy, sabotage and betrayal lead to tragedy for Leon's client a radical environmentist intent on saving a forest from destruction by a greedy land developer.
  • Murder by Video
    Murder by Video
    Episode 7
    A morbid young man, Dave involves his school friend Rob in the making of a video. But the project ends in tragedy when Dave is killed and Rob is charged with criminal negligence.
  • Mondo Condo
    Mondo Condo
    Episode 6
    Chuck's friend, Walter, wants Chuck to help him acquire funding for condos; Olivia's client is a wheelchair-bound actor who was rejected for a commercial for a handicapped-aid agency; Carrie agrees to go out with Nick.
  • The Homecoming
    The Homecoming
    Episode 5
    Leon is horrified when a TV newscaster names a juvenile offender he is representing on air which is not permitted under Canadian law.
  • State of Mind
    State of Mind
    Episode 4
    Judge John Caldwell, who Carrie earlier accused of racism, hires her to defend him on a murder charge.
  • Elliot vs. McTavish
    Chuck finds himself at odds with his partners and his wife when he represents the head of an anti-abortion group who has caused Joan Elliot to miscarry during a demonstration outside an abortion clinic.
  • The Waiting Chair
    The Waiting Chair
    Episode 2
    Leon is asked to defend Ray Gilson, an American purse snatcher. Charged with first-degree murder in Florida, the black youth faces almost certain extradition and possibly the electric chair.
  • A Powerful Prison Story
    Disconsolate and angry about the suspicious shooting death of his brother by a prison guard, fellow inmate Tony Azzarello seeks advice from Carrie Barr. Olivia is brought on board to take on a case for Chuck.