Street Legal - Season 4

CBC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • Suite Sixteen
    Suite Sixteen
    Episode 16
    Nick's partner is murdered, and Nick himself ends up in the hospital, which worries Carrie. Not only that, but Carrie gets tangled up in an ethical dilemma, and considers leaving criminal law. Things between Chuck and Olivia heat up when she admits to him how she feels.
  • The Godfather Of Mimico
    A newspaper opens itself up to libel charges when they accuse a wealthy Italian businessman of being involved in organized crime. Carrie takes a case where her client has been accused of arson. Olivia has to help her client keep something hidden.
  • Wedding
    Episode 14
    Just a few days before the wedding Leon takes on the immigration case of a Guatamalan waiter, but it turns into a criminal case when he is accused of robbing the restaurant he works in.
  • Leon's Story
    Leon's Story
    Episode 13
    Leon hasn't seen his father for ten years, but the man shows up just before Leon and Alana's wedding, and manages to get himself arrested. Chuck asks Olivia to represent a South African immigrant.
  • The Bracelet
    The Bracelet
    Episode 12
    Carrie asks for beeper surveillance for her client Leah Davis after fighting to liberal custody, but when Leah skips town, Carrie becomes the legal guardian of her daughter, Kim. Chuck represents Jennifer's friend, a student who claims that she wrote a book with her late professor and wants acknowledgement. Leon agrees to represent Alana in her divorce trial.moreless
  • Security Exchange
    Security Exchange
    Episode 11
    Chuck is implicated in an insider-trading scheme with the wealthy father of Jennifer, his new 23-year-old admirer.
  • Blue Collar
    Blue Collar
    Episode 10
    Leon champaigns the rights of factory workers who face layoffs due to the Canada-U.S. free-trade agreement.
  • Home
    Episode 9
    Carrie agonizes over the fate of her client, a teenage gang member, accused of a fatal stabbing.
  • The Confession
    The Confession
    Episode 8
    Tension and danger mount as Leon and Nick join forces to uncover proof that a champion Olympic rower committed a murder six years ago, and thereby clear the name of Leon's former client who was sent to jail for the crime.
  • Film Noir
    Film Noir
    Episode 7
    Olivia runs into trouble when she agrees to represent a former boyfriend Steven Hines, who is trying to sell a documentary that could expose a powerful businessman's many criminal activities. Chuck's jealousy over Steven's visit drives him to have a short affair with a local socialite.
  • Complex Offer
    Complex Offer
    Episode 6
    Chuck and Olivia's collaboration on the case causes a lot of professional and personal tensions. (11/1989)
  • The Cradle Will Rock
    Carrie defends university professor Diane Abbot, a stoical single mother charged with criminal negligence in the accidental death of her infant son.
  • See No Evil
    See No Evil
    Episode 4
    Against all odds, Leon fights a malpractice suit against a major manufacturer of contact lenses, on behalf of blinded professional photographer.
  • Without Prejudice
    Without Prejudice
    Episode 3
    Carrie defends Sarah Melchuck, a young policewoman charged in the shooting death of a black man.
  • Partners and Other Strangers
    When Barr, Robinovitch and Tchobanian teeter on the verge of bankruptcy, two solutions present themselves.
  • Soul Custody
    Soul Custody
    Episode 1
    Chuck's reckless business deals and his steamy affair with Olivia compel his estranged wife to apply for sole custody of their 2-year-old son.