Street Legal - Season 5

CBC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • The Truth
    The Truth
    Episode 16
    Leon is shocked when Alana tells him she won't be going home with him because she cannot accept the fact that he cheated on her with another woman, even if it was only for one night. Carrie accepts Dillon's marriage proposal. (1991)
  • Election Day
    Election Day
    Episode 15
    Chuck learns Peter Garland hired a private investigator to look into the affairs of Johnny Marsh, and that Olivia was using the information to blackmail Marsh.
  • The Prosecution
    The Prosecution
    Episode 14
    Chuck's case does not look hopeful and, in desperation, Chuck approaches Nick to do some investigating of his own.
  • The Cookies Crumble
    The Cookies Crumble
    Episode 13
    Producer Peter Garland is found dead in his townhouse, and Chuck is arrested for his murder.
  • Murder
    Episode 12
    Chuck becomes more and more obsessed with Olivia and her attention to producer Peter Garland, and hires Nick del Gado to track their activities.
  • Tyger, Tyger
    Tyger, Tyger
    Episode 11
    Carrie's excitement at reaching the final stages of Kim's adoption is short- lives when Kim's natural grandparents show up to contest Carrie's application for custody.
  • Lies
    Episode 10
    Wanda, the firm's recceptionist, finds herself in a dilemma when her father arranges that she marry Sujeet, a distant cousin from India.
  • Sanctuary
    Episode 9
    A priest friend of Leon's is arrested for concealing a terrorist, but Leon, fearing for his new political career, is reluctant to become invovled.
  • Divine Image
    Divine Image
    Episode 8
    Leon surprises everyone when he announces he intends to run for mayor, a decision Alana is less than enthusiastic about.
  • The Psychic
    The Psychic
    Episode 7
    Carrie enters a new dimension in criminal defense as she takes on the case of a young woman who contends she led police to the body of her murdered husband via a psychic vision.
  • Softsell
    Episode 6
    During a press conference called to announce his candidacy for mayor politician Kevin Coatsworth is served papers for sexual harassment.
  • Standard of Care
    Standard of Care
    Episode 5
    Chuck discovers his son Adam is desperately ill and ex-wife Lisa flies him back to Toronto for treatment.
  • Shadow Boxing
    Shadow Boxing
    Episode 4
    In an attempt to impress a Hollywood producer she's representing, Olivia pits two unions against each other. Leon has to report a good friend to the law society, and Alana accepts the judge's seat.
  • Double Agenda
    Double Agenda
    Episode 3
    Carrie has been falling in love with Dillon, but when she learns that he's prosecuting her client and friend, Wendy, for first degree murder, this puts a serious strain on their relationship. Leon makes a case against a dirty immigration lawyer.
  • Spare Parts
    Spare Parts
    Episode 2
    Olivia's brothers show up in her life again, wanting to buy out Olivia's share of the family cottage, and end up getting themselves arrested for dealing animal parts. While Leon helps Nick's mother deal with a rental dispute, Alana decides to go after an open judge's seat.
  • Holy Thursday
    Holy Thursday
    Episode 1
    Olivia and Chuck work together to make Olivia managing partner to give them financial control of the firm, but Carrie ends up getting the position. Carrie's friend Wendy looks for help in hiding her daughter from her abusive ex-husband. Leon's client lodges a suit against a cosmetic company.