Street Legal - Season 6

CBC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • Phoenix
    Episode 18
    Olivia finds out that she's pregnant and the baby can be only Chuck's. Consequently she refuses R.J.'s marriage proposal and doesn't move to California. She asks to be taken back to BRT and tells Chuck about the baby. Laura joins as a new partner, as well as Rob. And at the end Olivia is welcomed 'home'.moreless
  • After the Fall
    After the Fall
    Episode 17
    Leon and Chuck are trying to deal with their grief. Laura offers her help to both but they initially refuse. After Leon breaks down in court while battling R.J. Williams, he hands the case to Laura, and she officially joins the firm. With some help from Rob, Leon gets new evidence that help him defeat R.J. Chuck is trying to fight for his client, and despite death treat, wins his murder case with a surprise twist.moreless
  • November
    Episode 16
    The battle between R.J. Williams and Barr, Robinovitch and Tchobanian rages on. Chuck needs to request a second autopsy in a case. Carrie is killed by a hit and run driver.
  • Breach of Trust
    Breach of Trust
    Episode 15
    Olivia's dreams comes true when R.J. offers her a partnership in his Los Angeles office, but she is torn when he sues BR&T for breach of contract. Carrie and Dillon finally get married, with Alana presiding.
  • Children's Hour
    Children's Hour
    Episode 14
    It's just like old times as Barr, Robinovitch and Tchobanian prepare to set up shop again now that R.J. Williams is out of the picture. Carrie takes the case when a young mother, Anne Skinner, and her husband are charged with assaulting their young child -- Laura defends the husband.
  • On Women and Independence
    Leon finds a case right up his alley representing a military man who refused to obey orders for reason of conscience, and Leon himself refuses R.J.'s orders not to take the case. Just as R.J. is revealing his feelings for Olivia, Carrie has an attack of conscience, and decides she wants out of the merger.moreless
  • Too Many Cooks
    Too Many Cooks
    Episode 12
    Phil Paley is arrested for polygamy, and hires Chuck and Leon to contest the law in a full- scale constitutional battle. Alana decides she wants a sports car and Olivia gets wealthy but very annoying client.
  • Eye of the Beholder
    Eye of the Beholder
    Episode 11
    A cosmetic surgeon Leon meets at a casual golf game wants Leon to represent him in a divorce case, which he accepts at R.J.'s insistence. Chuck finally gets his revenge on Malony, and Olivia uses confidential information to win her case.
  • Hollywood North
    Hollywood North
    Episode 10
    Olivia's inner turmoil affects a screenwriter's battle with a star. Leon gets confidential information. Chuck defends a patriotic protestor who was shooting at the cars at the border.
  • The Good Lawyer
    The Good Lawyer
    Episode 9
    Chuck defends Tran Quiy, a young man accused of a brutal, gang-related execution, much to the dismay of Rob, who doesn't feel that Chuck is experienced enough in criminal law. Olivia faces her partners disapproval. Chuck resents Laura Crosby because of her background. (1991)
  • Keeping Secrets
    Keeping Secrets
    Episode 8
    Olivia's mother, long-thought dead, suddenly appears on the scene to contest her late husband's will, prompting Olivia to seek Rob's help. Carrie and Kim go to Bermuda for a vacation, but Carrie promises Dillon she will be back. Mercedes offers to help Chuck quit smoking as he continues to defend some unsavory characters. (1991)moreless
  • Sing for Me, Olivia
    Olivia's father dies, leaving a sizeable estate to Olivia. Carrie defends Veronica on assault charge.
  • Questions of Dignity
    Carrie passes a case to Chuck, but he is ill-prepared, and his carelessness earns a first-time offender a stiff sentence. Dillon and Carry put off their wedding plans after a difficult case. Olivia represents aging trumpet player.
  • Shades of Difference
    Tensions continue to rise between Dillon and Veronica when Dillon is assigned to prosecute a respected black community leader.
  • Reasonable Doubt
    Reasonable Doubt
    Episode 4
    Carrie and Alana struggle to keep their personal feelings in check at the trial of a sexual offender who preys on elderly women.
  • Presumed Toxic
    Presumed Toxic
    Episode 3
    Leon battles a large chemical company that manufactures a substance he claims is killing his client, and Leon's impressive handling of the suit lands the firm a merger offer from high-powered international lawyer R.J. Williams. Olivia approaches Carrie to ask her for a personal loan to help get herself out of trouble. Chuck goes up against Dillon and Alana in his first case for one of the bikers he knew in prison. Veronica isn't dealing well with Dillon's plans to marry Carrie. (1991)moreless
  • The Harley
    The Harley
    Episode 2
    Chuck is cleared of all charges and released from prison, but the controversy surrounding him has scared away all of his clients. Dillon tells Veronica that he's got marriage on his mind. Olivia is upset to learn that she and the firm are being sued for five million dollars because Danny Hart recanted his story. (1991)moreless
  • The Legacy of Stanley Wall
    Leon refuses to give Alana a divorce because he's not ready to give up yet and is determined to make their marriage work despite his adultery. Chuck's case is officially closed, but Carrie, Leon, and Olivia discover that Brent Elliot, the administrator of Stanley Wall's estate, is hiding something. Olivia runs into danger when her client claims that his screenplay about a double murder is fact and not fiction. Bernie asks Chuck to take care of some money matters for him. The office and the inmates celebrates when Chuck's conviction is overturned. Wanda informs Carrie she's been accepted to law school. Olivia is menaced by Frank Travers. (1991)moreless