Street Sharks

(ended 1995)


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  • Season 2
    • Shark-Apolypse Now
    • The Shiva Saga
      The Shiva Saga
      Episode 14
      With their arch nemesis finally defeated, the Sharks take a vacation to an ancient temple. But what they don't know is that a wrestler turned thief Kevin Thrush is there also looking for the Bands of Shiva, mystic bracelets that let you grow extra arms. After clashing with the Sharks and the booby-trapped temple numerous times, Kevin finally finds the bands. Then their mystic energies interact with the Sharks mutant DNA changing Kevin into the Four armed Killamari. The most dangerous enemy the Sharks have ever faced.moreless
    • Trojan Sharks
    • Road Rage (2)
      Road Rage (2)
      Episode 13
      Meathook's death race is winding down and Only Jab, Paradigm, and Meathook remain. If Jab wins the city will finally be free of superpowered crime, but if he loses the city is doomed.
    • Jungle Sharks
    • Road Rage (1)
      Road Rage (1)
      Episode 12
      Meathook returns and convinces gangsters Mantaman, Eelvil, and Clammando to join him once more. Meanwhile Blades has upgraded Jab's old motorcycle into the Sharkcycle. Meathook then challenges the Sharks and Paradigm and his minions to a death race. Paradigm, Slash and Slobster accept but Jab decides to go alone. The race for Fission City begins.moreless
    • Super Shark
    • Family Reunion
      Family Reunion
      Episode 11
      When Ripster's Mom and Dad discover their son's secret they don't know quite what to think. Whenthey are kidnapped by recently fired rogue cops, it's up to the Street Sharks to attempt a rescue.
    • Shark Quake
    • Goin' Clammando
      Goin' Clammando
      Episode 10
      Dr. Paradigm unleashes his best and final mutant gangster, the impregnable Clammando! With exploding pearl bombs, a powerful headbutt, and a hard-nosed military attitude, Clammando will be a tough challenge for the Street Sharks.
    • Sand Sharks
    • Writer's Block
      Writer's Block
      Episode 9
      Tech-genius Blades has invented many things for the sharks in the past such as the shark mobile, H.A.C., and the Moto-Blades but one day he runs out of ideas. Normally it wouldn't be that big deal but Dr. Paradigm has recommissioned the shark bots and has programmed them with all the information about the Street Sharks. So our heroes will need something new to beat them. Now it's a big deal.moreless
    • Sharkotic Reaction
    • Makeover
      Episode 8
      Strong yet sensitive Big Slammu was always the most angered by his transformation. But when he accidentally frightens a little girl into a coma, he runs off to find a cure. His frantic journey eventually leads him to Dr. Paradigm, who brainwashes Slammu and sends him to destroy the Sharks. Can our heroes defeat their Brother and hope to reverse the effects before it's too late?moreless
    • Ancient Sharkonauts
    • Shocking!
      Episode 7
      Dr. Paradigm sends his next mutated gang war survivor against the sharks. He's turned Phil Mahab into Eelvil with electrical powers. When Eelvil sends the city into a blackout the citizen's only hope is that the Sharks can pull the plug on the villain.
    • 20,000 Sharks Under the Sea
    • Follow The Leader
      Streex has always been the self appointed leader of the Street Sharks. But when Ripster starts taking command duringa mission, Streex decides to let his friend take a crack at it. Unfortunately, when Dr. Paradigm sends Slash and Slobster to attack, the only one who can save the team is Streex and his leadership skills. But it's too late because Ripster makes a bad call and now Streex is the only one left to save them. So he has to come up with a plan all on his own.moreless
    • Turbo Sharks
    • Lost At Sea
      Lost At Sea
      Episode 5
      Being a sailor at heart, Moby Lick decides to take a ship out to sea and personally invade Dr. Paradigm's undersea base. But when a storm kicks up he must use both his ocean knowledge and his street shark strength just to survive, because now he is trapped in Dr. Paradigm's undersea base and must wait out the storm, while not being seen by the guards.moreless
    • Shark-Jacked
    • Here Comes The Mantaman
      Dr. Paradigm has returned with a new sinister plot of turning the gang war survivors into new evil mutants. His first move is to turn gang war veteran Terry North into Mantaman! How can the Sharks hope to defeat this flying fiend? With help from Blades and his new Heli-Attack Chair of course. But it turns out the chair isn't all that it's cracked up to be and now the Sharks must come up with a new way to stop Mantaman.moreless
    • Card Sharks
    • Cabin Fever
      Cabin Fever
      Episode 3
      Roxie catches a nasty virus and must be quarantined at the shark cave for a week. How will she survive a whole week of nothing while her friends are out having fun catching bad guys, and what'll happen when they desperately need her help?
    • Shark Hunt
    • City At War (2)
      City At War (2)
      Episode 2
      The sharks find themselves losing at the heart of the gang war and the only way to save the city is to take down Meathook once and for all. And even if they save the city, what plans does Dr. Paradigm have for the survivors?
    • The Sharkfather
    • City At War (1)
      City At War (1)
      Episode 1
      The Sharks are back for a brand new fight! In this season premiere it's one year later after the last confrontation with Dr. Paradigm and the sharks have become a household name throughout Fission City. With their stranglehold on the city weakening, the various gangs are thrown into a violent war with each other and at the center of the madness is a nasty thug named Meathook with plans to use the war to take over the city. Now only the Sharks can stop him, but two of the Sharks want to let the gangs just fight it out.moreless
    • Shark Wars
  • Season 1
  • Specials
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