Street Smarts

(ended 2005)


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Street Smarts

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Street Smarts-The comedy game show where contestants prove how smart they are by predicting how dumb other people can be! "Street Smarts" is a fast-paced, multi-round game in which two contestants face off to determine which of them can best predict the answers given by everyday people on the streets of America who have agreed to answer a series of questions posed by host Frank Nicotero. In "Street Smarts," it doesn't always matter what you know, but what you think other people will know. Nicotero and his camera crew hit the streets around the country looking for people to show off their "street smarts." From CEOs to body builders, bank tellers to brain surgeons, people are asked pop culture trivia questions and their responses are videotaped. The two in-studio contestants watch this video and try to determine which of the street players knows their stuff and which hasn't got a clue. As they move through the preliminary rounds "Who Knew It?" "Who Blew It?" and "Pick Your Pony," contestants earn cash to bet in the final round, "The Wager of Death." As the game progresses, contestants learn that you can't always judge a book by its cover and that stereotypes are often misleading!moreless