Street Smarts

(ended 2005)


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  • I am 70 years old and can\'t get enough of the younger generation and how, with all their technologies, can\'t speak, spell or have any knowledge of the world. They are proof that our educational system with all it\'s aids does not compare with the old.

    Perhaps, if enough young people see this show they might, and I repeat might try to learn something useful. I use a computer for fun. I convinced my wife to do likewise and we, at our advanced age can run rings around most of the new generation. Without a calculator or "adding machine" my wife (she is better than I am) and I can run totals in our head, at a checkout counter faster and more accuratly than the kids doing the work with a register. Street smarts shows how bad our educational system is. Jay Leno does a similar routine with his Jay Walking. If I was as young as this generation I would be considered a genius.