Street Time

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Sep 01, 2002 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Goldie returns to the U.S. safely, thanks to help from Fariz. Fariz pretends that he is worried about Kevin's potential return to jail, and convinces Goldie that they should shut Kevin and Peter out of the deal for the duo's own protection. Kevin's contact in customs, Monty, tells him that the shipment has been red-flagged. However, Kevin is confident that Monty's inside help will ensure that the deal goes smoothly. One of Fariz's men shoots Monty and moves in on the shipment. Fariz tells Goldie that he will ensure that Kevin and Peter get a large cut after he sells the hash (although this seems doubtful, to say the least). James has a confrontation with Herbie Green, a parolee with an attitude problem who would rather serve his last two years than meet any of his parole requirements. James refuses to share his problems with Ann or take any time off. Karen gets a hold of the phone bill and finds Gene's number listed many times. She seeks Dee's help in tracking him down, and they try to convince him not to take any more of James's action. After learning that James is still placing bets, Karen throws him out of the house. Dee worries about his stability and says she no longer wants to be his partner. Herbie mouths off to James as he is taken away by marshals after being violated. James responds by hitting him and threatening his life. Dee still refuses to agree to anything more than casual sex with Danny. She sets up a rendezvous with Joe Ennis, but then has second thoughts and kicks him out.
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