Street Time

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Oct 15, 2003 on Showtime

Episode Recap

James grows concerned after Kevin tells him that Peter is handling the heroin shipment. Kevin insists that they must "go with the flow" if they hope to bring down Rivard. Maurice Cohen tells James that helping capture Rivard could be a boon to his career. Kevin accompanies Rachel and the kids to his mother's house. Peter shows up unexpectedly and says that he is handling the entire deal himself. Kevin warns that he is in over his head. James is reluctant to tell his parents about the divorce. He is shocked to come by the apartment and find Karen smoking pot with a male friend. Lucius worries about the possible release of an old friend, who educated himself and became a successful jailhouse lawyer during his time in prison. He sends Dee to check out the book store where Jesse plans to work. Soon after his release, Jesse winds up killing the neighborhood drug dealer. He has someone clean up the mess and goes on with his life as though nothing has happened. Lucius is suspicious.
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