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  • Season 2
    • The Whole Truth
      The Whole Truth
      Episode 13
      Kevin assures Rachel that he had nothing to do with Goldie's murder, and explains that he helped Peter cover it up because he wanted to protect her from the pain. Peter kills the heroin buyer, Henri, after forcing him to confess to being an informant. Kevin meets Rivard face to face, and they set up an exchange for the next day. After learning that Peter killed the buyer, Kevin must turn to Rachel for help getting the six million dollars for Rivard.moreless
    • Fly Girl
      Fly Girl
      Episode 12
      Kevin worries about the deal when he cannot contact Peter for several days. Rachel plans to leave the country with the children, and asks Kevin not to visit. Peter sees one of his contacts interacting with Cohen. He follows Cohen and discovers that he works with the Feds. Dee grows jealous after James' kids goad him into inviting Karen to the company picnic. She spends the entire event sulking. James tries to help a parolee, wrongly convicted of distributing crack, prove her innocence. He also faces the difficult task of convincing her not to seek revenge against the ex-boyfriend who set her up.moreless
    • Brothers
      Episode 11
      James grows concerned after Kevin tells him that Peter is handling the heroin shipment. Kevin insists that they must "go with the flow" if they hope to bring down Rivard. Maurice Cohen tells James that helping capture Rivard could be a boon to his career. Kevin accompanies Rachel and the kids to his mother's house. Peter shows up unexpectedly and says that he is handling the entire deal himself.moreless
    • Hostage
      Episode 10
      While his pregnant girlfriend shops for baby furniture nearby, fugitive Randy Wiggins tries to rob an armored truck. He discovers that there is no money in the truck, and takes the driver hostage. He asks to speak with James, who is called to the scene. The driver passes out because of his allergy to cat hair (Randy's girlfriend had a cat in their car), and is in grave danger. James offers himself in trade for the guard.moreless
    • Get Up Stand Up
      Get Up Stand Up
      Episode 9
      Kevin meets a new contact, Danielle, who puts him in touch with Rivard. Kevin feels very uncomfortable when Rivard asks him to keep an eye on a suitcase filled with heroin. Rachel tells Kevin about her fight with Peter, and warns that she will kill Peter if he attacks her again. Kevin confronts Peter about the incident. Rachel and James have another tryst. James assures her that Kevin never betrayed her, and they agree to keep their affair a secret. Dee learns Beddoes' whereabouts from his manager. Dee convinces Mosley to let her try one more time to get Beddoes into a rehab instead of sending him back to prison. Mosley hides Beddoes' whereabouts from his manager and attorney, who he believes are just using Geoff. Vivian overdoses on heroin, but is ultimately able to pull through. Dee has Beddoes stay with her for a few days until a place opens in a detox center. He tries to escape, but Dee forces him to stay and confront his personal demons.moreless
    • Smack
      Episode 9
    • Gone
      Episode 8
      Kevin asks for five million dollars to pull off a deal with Luc Rivard, who the authorities believe is behind Freddie's murder. They hope to lure him back to the United States and arrest him. Rachel tells Kevin that she plans to leave the country with their kids. Peter and Rachel get into a violent fight over her refusal to give him more money. Rachel asks James to explain Kevin's release, but he cannot do this. She reluctantly reveals that Peter is responsible for her black eye.moreless
    • Pack of Rats
      Pack of Rats
      Episode 7
      A blind man recognizes White's voice and perfume and realizes his true identity. James and Dee learn that someone has taken out a hit on an informant. Mosley asks Kevin to lay low, but Kevin insists on proceeding with a deal he has set up. Dee discovers that White is the intended victim, and is angry that Mosley failed to reveal that he is overseeing someone from the Witness Protection Program. They bust the shooters, but White is shot by the person who ordered the hit: his estranged daughter. He orders her to make his death look like a suicide so that she will not go to prison. Peter complains to Kevin about Rachel withholding money from him. Rachel also decides to keep money from Kevin as compensation for Goldie's death. Timmy gets in trouble at school when a teacher blames him for his friend's actions (advertising their club/gang on the blackboard). He faces expulsion for running out instead of serving his detention. Karen agrees to let Timmy stay with James.moreless
    • Born to Kill
      Born to Kill
      Episode 6
      Kevin prepares to begin his work with the Feds. They eventually acquiesce to his demand to be moved from a halfway house to another location. Rachel refuses to have anything to do with him. Dee encourages a recently paroled gangbanger to pursue a career through his artistic talent. He has trouble starting a new life because his younger brother is caught up with his old gang. The gang robs the restaurant where Pho is working; and the leader tries to force Pho's brother to kill the owner. Dee tries to intervene. Pho snatches the gun away and winds up pointing it at Dee. He suddenly turns away and kills the gang leader instead. Mosley oversees Charles White, a former drug kingpin moving back to New York after spending time in Los Angeles with the Witness Protection Program. Timmy continues to cause problems at both home and school. Karen denies James' request to let Timmy live with him for a while.moreless
    • Cop Killer
      Cop Killer
      Episode 5
      James is assigned to Tony Deangelo, a man who has served 36 years for the murders of two police officers. Many citizens are outraged about his release, and his house is vandalized. A congressman pressures the parole department to send Deangelo back to prison, even though there is no cause. Deangelo and his wife plan to move to Vermont and live a quiet life where no one knows him. The congressman lets this slip, destroying their chance at anonymity.moreless
    • High Holy Roller
      High Holy Roller
      Episode 4
      James is wary of a man on parole for fraud, who requests a furlough from a halfway house so that he can spend Passover with his family. The man vanishes, and James tracks him to an Atlantic City casino. Despite James' reservations, Mosley orders him to follow Goldman and bring him in. James loses big to Goldman in a high stakes poker game, and Goldman tries to bribe him into letting him walk.moreless
    • Lockdown
      Episode 3
      Phil Dorfman, a brilliant computer hacker, vanishes from James' office after James has to step out to break up a fight. He sabotages the office computer systems. James learns that Phil is experiencing severe trauma because he was constantly raped in prison. He tracks him down and offers to help him get his life back in order. In the midst of this, James gets into a shouting match with Karen in which they both say they no longer want to be married. James nearly snaps, but is calmed by the words of a parolee who is trying hard to get his act together.moreless
    • Watching the Watchers
      A woman discovers Goldie's body. James breaks the news to Rachel, and then tails her for several days in the hopes of finding out how much she, Kevin and Peter know about Goldie's death. James supervises Sweet B, a rapper on parole for beating a rival, while he films a music video in New York. Timmy is a huge fan, so James takes him to the set to watch the filming.moreless
    • 20 Hits
      20 Hits
      Episode 1
      James and Skouras pay a home visit to Burt Kent, a veteran suffering from Gulf War Syndrome. He is depressed and agitated. Skouras continually badgers Kent, even though James repeatedly tells him to keep his mouth shut. Kent suddenly pulls out a gun and shoots Skouras, who quickly dies from his wounds. A man named Lucius Mosley is assigned to replace Ann as supervisor of the Special Offenders unit. He questions Dee about Skouras, as he suspects that James may not have done his best to protect him because Skouras had a harassment action pending against Dee.moreless
  • Season 1