Street Time

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Sep 24, 2003 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Kevin asks for five million dollars to pull off a deal with Luc Rivard, who the authorities believe is behind Freddie's murder. They hope to lure him back to the United States and arrest him. Rachel tells Kevin that she plans to leave the country with their kids. Peter and Rachel get into a violent fight over her refusal to give him more money. Rachel asks James to explain Kevin's release, but he cannot do this. She reluctantly reveals that Peter is responsible for her black eye. James tells Kevin that Peter will be indicted for Goldie's murder. Kevin asks for the indictment to be sealed, as he needs Peter's help with the deal. James disagrees when the school diagnoses Timmy with ADD and wants to put him on medication. James seeks a friend's help to get Timmy into another school. Dee oversees Geoff Beddoes, a popular rock star with a drug problem. Beddoes' wife, Vivian, persuades him to resume his heroin use. Dee goes to bat for Beddoes and asks that he be sent to rehab instead of jail. Vivian shows up and gets Beddoes to leave the facility.
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