Street Time

Season 1 Episode 19

On Goldie Pond

Aired Unknown Jun 04, 2003 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Goldie's family holds a special dinner for him, to give him a chance to say goodbye before he is shipped off into hiding in Nepal. He is very reluctant to leave, but has no choice in the matter because of his legal status. Peter drives Goldie to Canada to catch his flight. Goldie begins bad-mouthing Kevin and suggesting that the two of them split all the money from their deal. Peter becomes enraged and forces Goldie out of the car, and then brutally kills him. Kevin and Peter's father suffers a stroke and is in grave condition. Kevin is angry when James balks at giving him permission to go out of town to visit his father in the hospital. The parole department hires a new employee to oversee cases involving the mentally ill, leaving James and Dee with more time to focus on Kevin's case. A panicked Peter calls Kevin and asks for his help in disposing of Goldie's body. James and Dee trail them, but just miss seeing the body in the trunk of Peter's car. James worries when Karen goes on another date. He asks for another chance, but she needs time to think things over. James nearly begins an affair with Diana Bonds, an FBI agent, but realizes that he isn't yet over Karen.
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