Street Time

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Jul 14, 2002 on Showtime

Episode Recap

A mobster who recently completed parole asks James to write him a letter of recommendation so that his restaurant can have a liquor license. James refuses because he doesn't believe that the guy has gone straight. The man offers James' father help starting his own business in the hopes that he will influence his son. James is baffled by his father's longtime fascination with the "connected" guys in his neighborhood. He refuses to write the letter, and declares that he always looked up to his father because he was a decent, hard-working man who didn't break the law. Kevin intervenes when a jerk at the club repeatedly makes advances toward Rachel. The man punches Kevin, aware that he can't fight back without risking a return to prison. James warns Kevin that his temper could get him into big trouble. The guy later returns and taunts Kevin. When he refuses to leave, Kevin beats him up and gets arrested. James decides to cut Kevin some slack, much to the amazement of Kevin and Rachel. Dugan messes with Dee's head in the hopes of convincing her that his heavy-handed tactics (including murder) were just a necessary part of cleaning up the streets. Dee suffers nightmares after Dugan uncovers evidence proving that many people she has paroled have gone on to commit serious crimes.