Strictly Come Dancing

Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 6:45 PM Oct 06, 2007 on BBC
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Episode Summary

The first episode of the new series. The males danced for survival in the competition, dancing either a Cha Cha Cha or Waltz. Meanwhile the girls performed a group Blues and Swing dance, which the judges did not score.

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  • The first dance of male celebrities and a group dance from the girls.

    In this first week of competition the guys danced either the Waltz or the Cha Cha Cha.

    As Len pointed out on several occasions, expecting the men to lead in the strict ballroom style of a waltz in their first week is in some ways much more demanding than the cha cha. Brian and Karen attempted to compensate, using the strains of the Godfather Waltz as an excuse to introduce some very Latin-like elements to their dance. It didn’t quite come off, but when they reverted to the more traditional waltzing Brian kept the requisite close hold well.

    Willie and Erin showed that even the biggest of men can be light on their feet. The judges picked up on the need for him to improve his posture, but overall he showed great potential. In contrast, Kenny Logan may have had better posture, but his footwork was all over the place, and his performance quite poor.

    Matt, who showed a good command of his basic steps, but at a slow and steady pace that, while probably sensible at this stage of the competition, failed to set me alight.

    In complete contrast, Dominic was highly enthusiastic in an ambitiously choreographed dance, but for me it didn’t quite come off. The timing went awry, and overall it didn’t flow from move to move as well as it could have done.

    Gethin with some more confidence in himself, has the potential to be really, really good. John Barnes impressed the judges more, despite Arlene’s comments about his weight.

    Overall, the men wasnt great but some showed potencial, especially Gethin and Matt.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (7)

    • John and Nicole Cha Cha Cha
      Total Score: 26 (6-6-7-7)

      Arlene: Uptight. You need to get fit, you're not using your spine.
      Len: You've given me a lot of pleasure - it was good.
      Bruno: A great sense of rhythm, the energy was right, you're going the right way.
      Craig: I see a lot of potential here actually. But watch your shoulders and don't look at the floor.

    • Kenny and Ola Waltz
      Total Score: 21 (4-5-6-6)

      Bruno: You were so stilted, and it lacked romance. Not good enough.
      Craig: A little bit wooden, but you didn't do a bad job.
      Arlene: In one word, it was stiff.'
      Len: You kept body contact throughout, but need to work on the rise and fall. Otherwise very good.

    • Gethin and Camilla Cha Cha Cha
      Total Score: 22(4-5-7-6)

      Craig: Your looks were fab, but the dance itself wasn;t.
      Arlene: That was a bit timid. Where was the hip action?
      Len: This is the first week, we're looking for potential. You performed a good mix of steps, a pleasant routine - well done!
      Bruno: He needs passion. You should be on fire out there, I'm not happy.

    • Willie and Erin Waltz
      Total Score: 24(5-5-7-7)

      Arlene: Miss Whiplash, get to that posture. Disaster!
      Len: For a first week's show, and one of the most difficult dances, that was outstanding for me.
      Bruno: Big Willie, the gentle giant. You were so light on your feet.
      Craig: You do need to work on your lines though.

    • Dominic and Lilia Cha Cha Cha
      Total Score: 25 (6-6-7-6)

      Len: That was fun. You've got personality which is what you want in the Cha Cha Cha.
      Bruno: You lost the timing, you need to control that.
      Craig: That was camper than this show! Well done, you finished your lines nicely.
      Arlene: You looked like a little burglar sneaking around stealing her jewels!

    • Brian and Karen Waltz
      Total Score: 18 (4-4-5-5)

      Len: One of the keys is the hold, and I thought you mastered this. But the footwork wasn't great.
      Bruno: It lacked romance, it looked more like you were going to kill her!
      Arlene: It felt less like a performance and more like a wake.
      Craig: The choreography at the top was good, but when you got into the waltz it all went downhill.

    • Matt and Flavia Cha Cha Cha
      Total Score: 23 (5-6-6-6)

      Len It was exact, but it didn't sparkle.
      Bruno: I didn't feel carried away by it, you have to perform it.
      Craig: There was absolutely no hip action.
      Arlene: This Mama says you should be here on this floor improving every week.

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