Strictly Come Dancing

Saturday 6:45 PM on BBC Premiered May 01, 2004 Between Seasons


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  • A brilliant programme where the celebrities have to work hard to succeed!

    A brilliant programme where the celebrities have to work hard to succeed! I'm so glad John's gone and forgotten, if I hadn't already made that clear! Any way I was supporting Christine Blakeley, whose dancing I thoroughly enjoyed, unfortunately she was voted out last week. Now we're left with two women and two men, unfortunately I don't like Rachel or Lisa so I'm hoping the winner will be Tom. Both Tom and Christine have day jobs the others have plenty of time to practise. So Tom has my vote. Christine can still be seen nightly on the One Show - another review to make on that one.
  • Secret Pleasure

    Ok! so i love strictly. If you asked me to my face i would deny it. But every Saturday and Sunday i am ether watching it or downloading it. It's amazing and i wish i could do it, I want to become famous just so that i can take part. This season is my fave if only Alisha Dixon had taken part in it this year instead of last year. I Also love the professional dances, it would be good if they had more group dances for the celebrity's. I really hope that Brian and Kristina are taking part next year they both did really good jobs with Heather and john.
  • A weekend treat to watch when its cold outside.

    One of the great things about the Autumn is when Strictly Come Dancing starts again. It is one of those shows that makes you want to watch it sitting by the fire. It makes you feel cosy and warm and positive about the dull grey days outside.

    There is always the perfect balance of celebrities and professional dancers, the judges have lots of personality and passion, the costumes are fantastic and the music is excellent. I love the results show on a Sunday evening too and watch with bated breath to see who will be going home this week. The public vote can sometimes lead to a popular yet bad dancer staying in when a great dancer can be knocked out but I suppose that is all just part of the game.

    I always try to catch it and never regret watching it.
  • Love this show.

    I love Strictly Come Dancing, I cant wait until next Saturday. When I watch this show I always enjoy having a glass of wine. Anyway, This show is brillant, I love to see how the celebraties can dance. I have always wanted to do ballroom dancing, I dont think I will start though. My favourite dance is the Cha-Cha-Cha. I also love telling myself how the celebraties could do better. I also love when the jugdes tell them there mark and what they can do better because I always say it before them! Anyway I might sound abit sad, but this show is brillant. If anyone loves ballroom dancing or any dancing infact you should watch this show.
  • A classic british prime time show.. mixing dancing personalities hip music and formidable characters with a dashing of Bruce on the side what more could you ask for in saturday entertainment..

    I loving this new series. It's compelling, exciting and a frill seeking race to see who is the best. This year we have quality stars and micheal lol. my fav would have to Emma and Darren and Louisa and Vincent all though i love Karen and Mark too. Brendon is is usually self obseesed aragantness. Some top performs have aso graced the staurday dance floor. I do wonder about tess though she just seems to be a poster and not actually doing very much. The dancing is at it's highest if you discount the joker entry in peter but its funny to watch him. It is a shame dashing Anton is out he really needs to be given a fantasic partner but the marks are being awarded on a dancing skill scale and for the most part i agree. Highy watchable series and i shall be staying tuned to see how it works this week .. With Emma busy on children in need not much time for her and darren to practise so it will be interestingif she can pull it off.
  • Brilliant

    I love dancing so this show was perfect for me. It was great seeing how all the celebrities coped with learning a new dance every week - it can't be that difficult - I do ballet and learn two or three dances in a half hour lesson - but is still a wonderful show. I love the judges because they are truly talented dance professionals themselves and unlike other people I can mention (cough, Simon Cowell, cough) actually have talent themselves and have decades worth of dance knowledge between them. Although it is a reality show the focus is on the dancing rather than the celebrities and is just completely different to everything else on television.