Strictly Come Dancing

Season 1 Episode 9

Strictly African Dancing

Aired Saturday 6:45 PM Jul 09, 2005 on BBC
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Strictly African Dancing
Due to the popularity of ballroom and latin dancing the BBC decided to do something similar but incorportate African culture to raise awareness and money for African Aid.

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  • Not a patch on Strictly Come Dancing.

    I only watched this special because I love the original show so much and thought it would be interesting to learn more about the African culture, music and dancing but it doesn't have the charm and grace of ballroom dancing. I thought it was a good idea and all the celebrities tried hard.

    My favourite part of the show was when Darren and Lilia from Strictly Come Dancing danced and then the cast from The Lion King performed.

    Maybe next time they could include dances from all over the world and create a show based ont that. I think this show lacked the "X Factor" Strictly Come Dancing possesses.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • After voting, Tunde came in last place.
      Louis came in fifth place.
      Tupele came in fourth place.
      Tessa was in third place.
      Antonia came second.
      Robbie was named Strictly African Dancing Champion.

    • Tessa Sanderson Gome

      Total Score: 29 (7-8-8-6)
      Stacey: You got off to a shaky start, but later your booty was going.
      Craig: I wanted to see a bit more purpose and intent. It's a teasing dance and I would have liked to have seen a bit more of that.

    • Tunde Baiyewu Bata

      Total Score: 25 (6-7-7-5)
      Craig: I saw absolutely no lightning and thunder in that routine. There was no fire in that and all.

    • Antonia Okonma Kuku

      Total Score: (8-9-8-7)
      Stacey: The bird flew; it was absolutely beautiful.
      Craig: I think you're fantastic, actually. The length of bone made the dance wild and exciting.

    • Louis Emerick Adzogbo

      Total Score: 5-7-5-4
      Todd: Louis, I would say you did very, very well as it's not easy at all.
      Stacey: An A for effort, but after the first forward roll it went down hill.

    • Tupele Dorgu Koroso (Courtship Dance)

      Total Score: 30 (7-8-8-7)
      Stacey: D you know what? I think you could have gone that bit further.
      Todd: I forgot about the dance, because you have a wonderful smile.

    • Robbie Earl Zulu Warrior Dance

      Total Score: 33 (8-8-9-8)
      Craig: We've got off to a great start. I believed in your character one hundred per cent.
      Todd I felt like a warrior was coming.

    • Strictly African Dancing is hosted by series one contestants of Strictly Come Dancing, Natasha Kaplinsky and Martin Offiah.

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  • NOTES (8)

    • Le Duo Burkina Faso
      This is a rain dance traditionally performed by hunters in the early morning. It was believed that if the dance is not performed correctly, it will not have the desired effect. Every member danced their own short solo including legs and arms flying in all directions.

    • Kuku Senegal
      This is a wild dance which requires a lot of stamina and is a dance of celebration. It is usually performed at the end of a harvest and dancers are required to imitate the brids, flapping their arms and appearing to fly.

    • Koroso Nigeria
      This courtship dance begins slowly and gracefully which builds up as the dance progresses. The dance is all about female beauty and attracting the males. Short blouses which are revealing are worn and rattles are worn on the feet. The dance is normally very circular.

    • Gome Ghana
      This is a fun dance, danced the people who live around the capital city of Ghana, Accra. The dance celebrates the return of men from fishing trips, so is often danced solely by women. It is a celebration since these trips can often take days at a time, and simply expresses their relief and happiness.

    • Bata Nigeria
      This dance should be graceful and yet energetic at the same time. The dance originates from the Yoruba people and it is a dance which worships the God of thunder and lighting. Many of the moves involve movements which copy the sound and shape of thunder and lightning. Jerky, rigorous and fast movements help to emphasise the power of this God.
      For this dance, a long smock should be worn but is lifted as part of the dance to show the footwork which is often intricate.

    • Adzogbo Dance
      From: Ghana
      Danced by: Louis Emerick
      Should be: Acrobatic and impressive
      Look out for: Bright skirts and leg warmers, which hang from the knee and moves depicting male activity: boxing, wrestling, bayonet charging and horse leaps.
      Background: Normally performed in two parts. The part for the woman serves as a curtain raiser for the more acrobatic and exciting male section. Atisa (the man's section) is performed as a way of showing off their agility, toughness and virtuosity. It's a real 'blokes' dance.

    • Zulu Warrior Dance
      From: South Africa
      Danced by: Robbie Earle
      Should be: Energetic and entertaining
      Look out for: Intimidating kick moves and the use of props which conjure images of battle, attack and defence.
      Background: Performed to celebrate victory, or to prepare for battle. The movements depict modes of attack and boasting of male prowess - moves simulate the dodging and attacking associated with facing an enemy.

    • The six celebrities which took part were:
      Tessa Sanderson
      Tupele Dorgu
      Antonia Okonma
      Tunde Baiyewu
      Robbie Earle
      Louis Emerick