Strike Back

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AIRED ON 10/18/2013

Season 3 : Episode 10

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An American works with the British military to stop terrorists dead in their tracks.

Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage

Sgt. John Porter

Amanda Mealing

Amanda Mealing

Col. Eleanor Grant

Philip Winchester

Philip Winchester

Sgt. Michael Stonebridge

Michelle Lukes

Michelle Lukes

Sgt. Julia Richmond

Eva Birthistle

Eva Birthistle

Capt. Kate Marshall

Sullivan Stapleton

Sullivan Stapleton

Sgt. Damien Scott

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  • COD meets softcore porn.

    Not saying it is a bad thing but don't delude yourselves.

    There is pretty much just 3 parts to this show since Cinemax took over -Action scenes, sex/nudity scenes and the stuff in between said action and sex which is simply there to break things up a bit.

    I can tolerate the near supreme lack of realism and the embarrassingly thin veneer of "character development", what really gets to me is the 'convenient incompetence' that protagonists seem to suffer from.

    One moment their super unexplainable senses are saving them from ambushes or exposing liars, traitors and spies when no one else could but then -in the next; they are completely unaware they are screwing or giving sensitive information and access to an enemy operative.

    I mean -can you actually imagine super elite soldiers (let alone "heroes") actually surrendering critical nuclear technology to mercenaries/terrorists just so they could live?

    The show and it's fans need to get over themselves and accept what Strike Back actually is, that way they can move forward properly.

    TBH This show would be a lot better if the guys from COD MW and Brazzers or Naughty America took over the writing.moreless
  • Strikeback is non stop action...

    I love this show! Action, hott sexy, more action, funny, Sexy.. Why why why is there only one season left? Cinemax only has 3 series and Strikeback & Banshee are the reason I pay a ridiculous amount per mo. Come On! PLEASE LISTEN TO THE AUDIENCE! And 8.8 rating my ass.. 10.0
  • Strike Back will be back for only one more season

    I read that Sullivan Stapleton had an didn't elaborate but did say Strike Back's new season would be delayed by a few months. So we will see them again which is the good news! I don't know who decided to make this the last show is excellent! I can't take my eyes off the screen for even a few seconds because I'll miss something. Why cancel an awesome show that people love when there are dumb shows still around? Who makes these decisions?moreless
  • Bring back the show

    Its been since october... where is the promised season 4?
  • Banshee's Baby Daddy

    When I heard that Cinemax was going to take over production for the cancelled BBC series 'Hunted', my heart sank. I only knew Cinemax by reputation, but that reputation wasn't based on quality.

    While checking out their website for the first time, I saw trailers for 'Banshee' and 'Strike Back' which looked surprisingly entertaining, so I figured when I had time, I'd check them out. My long standing crush on Ivana Milicevic won out, so 'Bashee' was first. I'm now getting to the end of season 4 of 'Strike Back' and it's all starting to make sense.

    While entertaining enough, 'Banshee' is clearly the second generation of 'Strike Back' with all the kinks worked out. Their formats, themes, characters, action sequences are far too similar for it to be a coincidence. Almost like after they took the series over from the BBC, some exec said, "You know, this Damien Scott character is kinda don't we sit down next week and see if we can put together an entire series loosely based on him, and just like that, Lucas Hood was born.

    I don't know how it ends just yet, but seeing the amount of repetition, maybe it's best that this show go out on as high a note as it can and be proud that it's legacy lives on in 'Banshee'.moreless

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