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Friday 10:00 PM on Cinemax

After a whole week of anticipation of what's next to come on this brilliant show, Strike Back rewards us with the introduction of another character. And it is none other than the oh so awesome Dougray Scott (MI2, Hitman, etc...) as James Weatherby, a gay "courier" who's sole purpose at this point is to bring Al-Zuhari into the country (still Beirut). This seems to be a little thin, but Weatherby is such a badass it doesn't really matter what his purpose is at this point.

Between blowing up buildings, shooting his gay lover in the hand and shooting his gay lover's "friend" because he merely apologized, all proves the point. Dougray Scott is perfect in the role, but I do hope his character will be a little bit more developed.

Meanwhile we find out that Al-Zuhari is coming in from Syria with the help from Weatherby who, apparently, is getting paid to do all this by Kamali, who briefly considers quitting the mission after witnessing all of Weatherby's actions first hand.

This all seemed to be a little unlikely but it did provide us with a nice conversation between Kamali, Scott & Stonebridge at his house where we also find out Kamali has a daughter. This could be interesting further down the track.

Going back to what happened in the second episode now. Remember Viktor? The Russian dude Stonebridge killed when they extracted Kamali from Gomez' mansion?Looks like he will be avenged by his family and what better way to get things rolling than having Scott getting played by a Russian dancer who pretty easily seduces him.
Now this is going to get really interesting adding some Russian mob men coming after Stonebridge & Scott aswell. And they are not seeing this one coming! Oh boy!

Returning to the main storyline, the gang finds out Al-Zuhari is being brought in via plane to a frequently used airfield by Weatherby. This information was obtained by James' boyfriend after being captured by Martinez and Richmond outside of the casino where the pay-off between Kamali and Weatherby took place. The whole casino scene was my favourite this week and had the perfect intensity.

At the airfield though, the mission goes sideways when Al-Zuhari is in fact, not onboard and a woman has taken his place instead. What her role is, what Weatherby wanted with her or what her connection is to Al-Zuhari is not known yet. And we don't find out.

Maj. Dalton, still struggling with the death of Serg. Baxter, is loosing control and kidnaps the suspect before Locke's eyes, who's back in Beirut to relieve Dalton of her command. Seriously, Dalton has lost it. Dumping the woman in the back of a car and looking all bad-ass was a nice way to finish the episode.

This episode just flew by and it felt like it just started when Dalton went bananas at the end. A testamant to true greatness and this was yet another rock-solid episode. Truly one of the best shows on TV right now. Next week can't come soon enough!

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