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SPOILER ALERT! Leaving nothing out, because I simply can't. So if you haven't seen the episode yet, wait until you do...for your own sake!

Before I get into the nitty gritty of another nerve-wrecking episode, let's breakdown what happened prior (it's been 2 weeks since we had to endure a week off...please don't let this happen again...just like the show, it's brutal!).

So last week we were introduced to James Leatherby, brilliantly portrayed by Dougray Scott ( I can't say enough awesome things about the man), who's the only link for Section 20 in getting closer to Al-Zuhari. Things didn't end so well when Al-Zuhari wasn't on the plane that Leatherby brought into the country. The woman who took his place was quite the mystery still and Maj. Dalton seemed to be the only one who thought she still might be the key to Al-Zuhari. Hell-bent and everything.

We take off right where we left off and from the beginning it becomes clear this episode is going to revolve around two main storylines:
First we have Maj. Dalton on the loose with Sophia and Locke ordering Kamali to find Dalton and bringing her back; because, second, Kamali's daughter has been kidnapped by Leatherby and Stonebridge & Scott are taking caring of that for him. Payback is a motherf**** and when you f*ck with Leatherby (apparently Kamali did), you're in for a shit storm. I think this might have been a little over the top, but who cares, it's for entertainment's sake, and for Dougray Scott to be super bad-ass.

I initially was excited about these two storylines, but then quickly thought the whole episode might be a letdown compared to previous weeks if it was going to be just that...but boy was I wrong! More on that later.

I loved Rhona Mitra in this even more. Maybe I'm biased but I thought the emotion she showed during the whole water boarding scene showed exactly what she was dealing with and you know she really did not want to do this. She's awesome.

But then we find out...Sophia is Al-Zuhari's misses! Well really, if you wanted to spoil things for yourself and stop to think who she might have been, it would've been clear.
But I don't watch TV like that, so I was pleasantly surprised. This means Dalton was right
(of course she was!) and Sophia is the key. So Sophia was to be taken to Al-Zuhari, which means he's already in the country! Doesn't this mean Leatherby f*cked over Kamali instead? Weren't we led on to believe the whole exchange between Leatherby and Kamali, was diamonds for Al-Zuhari's mailorder? So Kamali should have known all this being close to him, no? I'm probably confusing myself here! Any comments?

Anyway, when Kamali catches up with Dalton (great chemistry between the two, I must say), the objective is simple: get Sophia to talk into giving up the whereabouts of Al-Zuhari. Letting Sophia go to follow her was a nice move on Kamali's part and I loved that for a brief moment we're still to doubt Kamali's true allegiance. (I am happy it's still Section 20 though...for now?)

Meanwhile, quite easily, Locke finds out Sophia's Al-Zuhari's wife on his own based on a few pictures and recent trips. Couldn't he have done that before condemning Dalton? Hmm.

Now, on the other side of town...we're in for another COD mission. Scott & Stonebridge going after Kamali's daughter, rescuing her from Leatherby's mini-castle (of course, what else right?) and then on the run from him and...none other then a bunch of Hezbolah members. Speed dial #4 for James...nice! Which leads to dramatics like this:

Frickin awesome isn't it (how unbelievable it may be)...Dougray Scott must've had a blast shooting these scenes. MI:2 all over again! I love it! And going from the above picture to the below one...bravo!

That's the face of a true dilemma. After capturing James' boy toy in order to get the same location Dalton and Kamali are after, trailing Sophia, it's up to him to give up the information or let Stonebridge kill the weepy pleading boyfriend. I was actually surprised he just gave it up, but even more surprised things went down like it did after that. Why on earth would james expect his boy to be a traitor and just pump him full of lead? Probably a silly reason for this:

See, this is why I don't check IMDB for characters on this show, it would've revealed the 2 single episode's for Dougray's character on Strike Back.

I'm saddened. Now I AM going to check IMDB, hoping he's got something new lined up!
You'll be sorely missed dude!

So now we've got the whole of Section 20, including Locke, heading for Al-Zuhari's location. So we thought. Strike Back wouldn't be Strike Back if they didn't throw us a curveball. That plus it's only episode 4. But man, this reveal was crazy! Let's break it down:

- A new character is introduced: instead of her husband, Sophia finds an IRA agent
named McKenna, who is a complete mystery. I was like, who the fuck are you? (Debra Morgan style)
- She ends up shooting Sophia upon entering the house. Why? Interesting...
- She shoots Kamali after...
- Let me catch my breath again here...after...
- ...killing Dalton!!! POINT BLANK!!! WTF!!! No she didn't! Did that just happen??

So no more Dougray Scott, no more Rhona Mitra...that's bold...very bold SB! Truly a loss!
This show has killed off my two favourites (besides S&S of course), but I still love it!
This is just crazy! Crazy good that is!

So we end this episode with a whimper...and also a bang...because on a sidenote:

- The Russians are still very much in play. Scott & Stonebridge narrowly avoid being shot in cold blood by a hitman...courtesy of the Scott's fake stripper girl of course.

- Stonebridge. What's going on with him? Blurry visions during ops? There's clearly
something not right there. Did I miss something? I usually am not a fan of hero's weaknesses or disabilities, but I'm curious to see where this is going.

- Line of the week: Leatherby: "...our dirtly little secret, this is great fuckin fun...ey?"
No other accent, or actor, would come close with this line! Ha! Fantastic!

One last thing. With previous seasons (even with the British first season) stories always ran over two episode. It was quite a unique format and I loved it (i watched all
at once instead of weekly, that helped), but this time around they seemed to have gotten rid of it. Do you think it's better or not?

Is it friday yet?

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